Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 26, 2010-This and That

hey everyone,
sorry that im writing this on tuesday instead of monday like normal. it was weird cause the internet just wasnt working. but i wanted to thank you all for your emails. i was able to read them all and they were all really awesome.
so this week i think that the coolest thing that happened was with a lady named mary that we´ve been teaching since before i got to this area. shes a really awesome person, but hasnt been able to get baptized yet cause she has to get divorced and remarried first. but we´ve been teaching her and trying to teach her family since i got here. when i first got to this area, the kids really wouldnt even say hi when we went to teach mary. but with elder lucas, we worked super hard so that they would talk to us and stuff. but now we´re teaching 3 of her daughters. but yeah this week we were able to take out a baptismal date with one of the girls. we were hoping to take out at least 2 but one of the girls hasnt decided yet. she told us that shed let us know this thursday if she wanted to get baptized with her sister. we´re trying to get them baptized within like 2 weeks. the good thing is that one of them has already gone to church 3 times and really likes it. and i think that us teaching mary´s daughters has really gotten her excited to work on her divorce. cause with mary all she needs is the signature from her old husband. the problem has always been that she didnt know exactly where her husband was living. but we talked to her yesterday and she said she was going to the place where she thinks he lives and is just gonna hang outside his house til he comes home. shes a capa. but it would be awesome if you could all pray for her so that she can get the papers signed and that her kids will decided to get baptized.
as far as luis and silvia go, we talked to them about getting married last week. it turns out that they were already wanting to get married. silvia has already gone to the registro civil to try and set a marriage date, but they told her that she had to wait til the beginning of next year to get married. so they wont get married in november but they could definately get married by january. elder gutierrez and i were both really excited about that.
mom, thats really awesome that you saw patrick aspel the other day. if you see him again youll have to be sure to tell him that i say hi and that i hope hes doing well. dad, bummer about the chargers, but hey the lakers are gonna tear it up like we´ve gone fore the past 2 years. so no worries haha. sean, che lo podes creer que ya estamos en octubre?! che tu mision voló asi tambien? hahah espero que estés preparado para jugar tenis y todo eso por que te voy a dominar hahah. paige, it looks like homecoming was way fun! i thought that they had homecoming alot earlier in the school year, but thats way awesome that you had such a good time. bridg, hahah sounds like dressing up as a ninja turtle for halloween is gonna be way fun. youre gonna have to send me a picture of that fo sho haha. and ill definately be taking you up on stealing some of your candy next year hahah.
k guys, my comp and i are gonna head out now. we´re lookin to have a really good week so be praying for us. just know that youre all in my prayers. thank you all for everything. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

October 20, 2010-Hello

whats up guys!
sorry for not being able to write you all on monday. i forgot to tell you last week that i wouldnt be able to write til today. we had to change the transfer day to today, so we skipped pday on monday and made it today. but i wanna be sure to tell dad happy birthday!! the big 5-2 hugh? congrats paps.
so this has been a pretty good week and a half. im trying to think back to all last week. ummm, we took out baptismal dates with 2 of the luis and silvia´s kids. we put it for the same date as them. we´re just trying to get them married and to start coming to church. we also took a baptismal date out with a lady named mirta. we´ve been teaching her for a couple weeks now. we were gonna take 2 more baptismal dates out with her daughters, but they werent there when we taugh mirta. so like its all really cool, but i was actually hoping to take out some more baptismal dates with people. the good thing though it that we´re teaching families now.
we found this one couple a couple weeks ago named ramon and rut. rut was really awesome from the start, and ramon wasnt really interested at all. we taught them both anyways about the power of prayer and then 2 weeks ago we passed by their house again. we talked to ramon really quick and he basically told us that the whole church thing just wasnt for him. so we decided not to go by for a week. but last week we went by again just to see how they were doin. ramon saw us and was like, ¨come in guys!¨ we started talking to them both and ramon told us about what happened. i guess ramon was without work and having a really tough time. but after we went by and he told us he didnt want to listen anymore, he decided to pray one day and ask for help to find work. i guess that that day, he got a call from someone telling him that he had a job. so he really changed and realized how blessed he was by just praying once. alot of people could say that thats just a coincidence, but for me the Lord really does bless us even when we do some of the most simple things. but theyre both really liking the lessons and we´re gonna try to get them to go to church this sunday.
so like i said, this was elder lucas´ last week. i was really proud of him though cause he finished the mission really well. he worked hard til the very now with a new zone leader named elder gutierrez. hes from el chaco, resistencia (its a provincia in northern argentina). but he seems really awesome. hes only got like 13 months in the field, but he seems like a good guy. we´ve gotten along really well from the get go, so im really excited for this transfer. i really think that alot of good things are gonna happen here. i think that sometimes as missionaries, we look at our investigators and say that nothing good is happening. but what we forget is that the Lord is already preparing people and especially families for us to teach. like today i got to see javier, viviana, their son nahuel (whos wayyy big now haha), and another kid, allen, who was another convert of ours in alto san lorenzo. they all came to transfer meetings. it just made me think how important missionary work is. like i dont know, to see such amazing people who are so solid in the church now, its seriously like theyre all my family. i really do consider them like that. thats what im looking for here in el triangulo too...
mom, the lakers tickets for dads birthday sounded pretty tight, im not gonna lie. be sure to let me know what you ended up doing. dad, happy birthday again! i hope that youve had an awesome day. love ya...sean, dude bummer in the sports world. dont worry though cause next year is when it really matters. cause you know why next year is gonna be different hahah....paige, sounds like youve got a busy week full of rehearsals and stuff. have an awesome time. hoping you guys can record some of your songs or something. bridg, haha i dont know if you would have said that im always happy when i was at home hahah. at least the picture didnt show my character of liking to mess with you and paige hahah.
alright guys, ive gotta go. ill be writing you all again on monday like normal, so dont worry about that hahah. thanks for all you guys do for me. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010-Greetings

hey guys,
wow so a bunch has happened back at home. congrats wayne sleight on getting married! shoot like all you guys are gettin married now. thats really awesome though. i also wanted to wish emily a happy early birthday. i know that its this thursday, but i cant write then, so i just have to tell ya now. how old does that make you? just out of curiousity hahah...
so this week has had its ups and its downs. i think that the best thing that happened this week was that we took out 2 baptismal dates with a couple named luis and silvia. we found them a couple weeks ago and they seem really awesome. with like all their kids that live there with them they´re like 10 or something. i know that like at least 3 are older than 8 so we might be able to take out a couple more baptismal fechas. we´ve got a lesson with them later tonight so well see what happens. it would be so sick to have them all get baptized. i really think that itll happen. luis and silvia are married yet though. we put the baptism for like the middle of november so hopefully they can get married before that. but the really are a pretty poor family. like the house that they live it is really small and really low, which makes it tough for me to go inside haha. i usually just have to crouch down to walk in. it doesnt make it alot easier being a family of like a million either. both luis and silvia work as people that collect bottles and plastic and then take it all to capital. its a really tough job and lets just say that it doesnt make the best money in the world. but both of them are really humble, they like everything that we´ve taught them alot, and were excited when we asked them to be baptized. the wife, silvia probably understands things a little better than luis, but hes really willing to do things that will help his family to be happier. ill be sure to keep you all posted on how they progress and if we can set a marriage date for them soon.
other than that, it was kind of a tough week for elder lucas and i. like compared to the other weeks that we´ve been having here, we werent super happy with everything that happened. alot of the people that we thought we were gonna teach this week, werent there or werent able to talk to us then. but i guess that just means that this week is gonna have to be awesome then. i feel like it will. its lucas´ last full week as a missionary, so we both really wanna work hard so that he can end well. im really proud of him cause alot of the missionaries get pretty trunky by the end of the mission, but hes done really well. he tells me alot that he doesnt feel ready to be done. so this week we´re just gonna go all out and try to invite as many people as we can to be baptized.
mom, im gonna take ya up on that albertos burrito hahah. in our pension here, we have 4 missionaries. one is a new missionary from mexico and the other day we made tacos. it was like the second or third time that ive had tacos in the mission. dang they were sooo good. and one of our members here in this ward has an avocado tree, so we made guacamole too. so sweet. dad, it sounds like it was a sad week in sports this week. sean broke the news to me that the chargers lost to the raiders. what a bummer! i guess its better that i cant see any of it this year, hugh? sean, dude be sure to tell emily happy birthday for me. dang that a day to remember cd is gonna be way sweet too. as long as there isnt all that screaming hahah. remember when you would always want to buy the songs where they´d scream alot and i always wanted the acoustic ones or something? well i havent changed at all dude. im stickin with the stuff that isnt like that lame screaming. paige, hope everything is goin well with school and stuff. keep havin fun with cheerleading too. some of the missionaries saw a cheerleading picture of you and i just told them that you were already a gubler, so dont worry hahah. bridg, here in argentina we dont really celebrate halloween. like everyone knows what it is and stuff. but its definately not as cool as back home where everyone dresses up and stuff. only a couple people do it.
k guys i gotsta go. thanks for the prayers and everything. id really appreciate the prayers for luis, silvia, and the rest of their family (i cant remember all the names cause there are too many hahah). i love ya all. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

October 4, 2010-Congrats Makenzie

whats up guys!!
well i wanna be sure to tell kenzie right off the bat how stoked i am that she got her mission call. i was bummed that she wasnt going to lovely buenos aires sur but i know that shes gonna be such an awesome missionary for the people there in missouri. i think the tips that id give her right now would be to read the book of mormon from cover to cover, start reading as much from preach my gospel as she can, and eat a burrito from albertos/philibertos cause you never know if youre gonna be able to eat it for another 1 and a half hahah. i also wanted to congrat ryan carnohan on getting engaged! thats awesome! oh and be sure to tell dan congrats on finished his mission as soon as you see him. dan is such a capo!
well this week here was actually really different from what normally goes on. it was mostly cause all week we were in leadership meetings. like monday to friday we were just all sittin and learning. ive gotta say that i was pretty worn out. it was weird cause i was more tired from just sitting there most of the day than i am from working all day. but it was cool cause like all my friends were there...mortensen, gub-daddy (mi cuñado), nalder (who i dont know if i mentioned it, but came back to the mission like 3 months ago...its so awesome to have him back in the mission again!), mclean, cockriel, palmer, and just like everyone else. i ended up hanging with all of them most of the time. it was so sweet to be able to see all of them again. but like the rest of the week was pretty tough to work. like we didnt have that much time to be in our area. plus with conference, it just made working in the area almost impossible. we actually decided to not go to the saturday session of conference cause we hadnt been able to work that much and we wanted to get a full day of work in. so we had to kinda sacrifice the conference, but its all good.
speaking of conference this week...dang it was sick! like we had some good investigators that showed up for it and everything. but me and a bunch of other yankees went upstairs during the session and we listened to conference in english. it was sick cause upstairs you have the church offices and they have couches there. so we were all just sittin comfortable on the couches and eating hahah. and i really loved the talks! i thought that the apostles and leaders of the church really talked alot about parents and their role and sin, specifically related to the law of chastity. but i thought that they were all awesome! it made me really grateful for having you 2, mom and dad, as my parents. like i know that i wasnt always the easiest kid to handle, but i can say that you taught me and the others well. thanks...
mom, i think that its really awesome that you sent that email the other day. be sure and let me know when you hear back. dad, when m. russell ballard talked about fishing, it so made me think of goin with you on fishing trips and stuff. they showed the rivers and the guy catching the fish and i was just like, ¨awwww!¨ hahah. then when he realed it in, i was like, ¨its not even that big! my dad, my brother, and i would catch a bigger one!¨ hahah were gonna have to make a trip sometime. sean, dude im stoked about chargers. they better get things going now. i was bummed to hear about the padres just missin out on the playoffs. well i guess we shouldnt have gotten our hopes up. just another normal padres year hahah. byu is just bad this year. when i hear that they lost to utah st. i had to hold back from throwing up hahah just kidding. i dont even care if utah st is doing well or getting better, we should still beat them. but for your movie trivia, dude of course its ¨nacho libre.¨ haha one time i was in a members house and they had it on right during that part hahah. i was laughing so hard dude. paige, hope that youre still loving cheerleading at the academy and stuff. mom may be a big fan of some of these guys there in the academy, but as they say here, ¨no los hagas caso¨. maybe dad or sean can translate that one for ya. bridg, thanks for the email. bummer that you had to go back to school today and all, but hey, only like 4 more days and its the weekend again.
well i best be gettin goin. thank you all for your emails, prayers, and everything. be safe and have a great week. until the next one...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall