Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009- A bonus email with pictures

hey so i thought that i would send a couple fotos is of elder flake and i. elder flake is the one from arizona who knows cameron vongsawad. the other one is of elder araya and i. the next one is of me when i had to give blood (after of course hahah). and the last one is of me in front of the cathedral...yeah its huge .
well i better get going. you asked if i was doing anything for halloween...people here actually don´t celebrate halloween so your answer would be ¨working¨ hahah.
love you all,
elder ryan hall

October 26, 2009 - Hey Everyone

hey everyone,
wow so it sounds like a bunch has gone on at home this week. thank you all for writing, it really means alot to me. first of all, i want to tell daniel and ashley congradulations on getting engaged! thats really awesome. you´ll have to be sure and send me some pictures when they get married in june.
so about eber...its kind of a bummer because we went to his house on like monday or wednesday to talk about the baptism. we started talking to his dad, and his dad told us that he didn´t want eber to get baptized until he´s 18 years old. elder araya and i were both pretty bummed. even worse was eber. i could tell that he was pretty crushed about it. elder araya and i both believe that it´s still possible that the dad and change his mind. we have faith that he can change and that he´ll let eber get baptized. please pray for him...we´ve also found 4 other people that we are trying to set baptismal dates with. 2 of them are these older ladies named maria and ester. this week we were talking with ester and she told us that she prayed and felt that everything that we had told her was true. we were going to ask them to be baptized yesterday, but they didn´t end up coming to church. we´ll see what happens this week. the other 2 are a couple that we are teaching. they aren´t married yet, so they´ll have to get married first. the dad has told us that he believes that everything is true. hopefully we can visit them this week and talk to them about getting married so that they can be baptized.
mom, i thought that your story about your ¨almost accident¨ was way funny. it sounds like everything is going well at home. i love you and keep being awesome haha. also you said that p-pip is having is open house this week but i didn´t even know that he had gotten his mission call! where is he going?! its awesome, but i honestly never even know that he had gotten his call yet. you also asked me what i do on we went to the catholic cathedral in la plata which was wayyy awesome. its the biggest cathedral in all of south america. sometimes we just play soccer or something, and one time we went bowling. dad, it sounds like you had a pretty awesome birthday. we´ll have to do a trip like that with the whole family when i´m home. sean, dude thanks for writing this week. it´s definitely a bummer that the cougars lost this week. i was hoping for something awesome. but at least the chargers won. it sounds to me like they lost against denver, but i really don´t know. my guess was yes. but i´m stoked to hear more about the lakers starting up. it sounds like it could be an awesome year. but keep having fun up at byu and don´t watch too many of those chick flicks without me hahah. i´m guessing that you didn´t watch that by yourself so you better fill me in a little more bro hahah. paige, thats awesome that you´re doing so well in school. keep working hard and remember to always have fun with it. it sounds like seminary is really fun also. bridg, so i want to tell both you and paige that ¨no¨, the dog that i have isn´t a stuffed animal hahah. its a really dog. its name is negrito and its a pretty sweet dog. i guess i´m just going to have to send you a picture sometime to prove it. but thanks for writing me also bridg. you´re all awesome.
well i think that´s about it for now. thank you all again for your letters and your prayers. i love you all. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19 - hey everybody

hey everyone,
thank you all for writing this week. it was so awesome to be able to hear from everyone in the family, so i really appreciate that. first off, dad i want to wish you a happy birthday! the big 5-1 huh?! wow thats awesome. be sure to eat some cake for me and everything hahah. and i hope you all have an awesome time at disneyland. be sure to tell me about that.
so this week has been a really good one. but to start it off, on tuesday elder araya and i found out that we had to go give blood for some lady in the church. of course you all know me and how i am with needles hahah. if you don´t remember lets just say that i don´t ¨love¨ them. But it was for a good cause so we said we would do it. it was only elder araya and i, and we got at the hospital (i think you can call it that) and neither of us was too thrilled to do it. so we were getting all ready to give blood and the doctor told elder araya that he wouldn´t have to do it because his blood pressure dropped. but i still had to do it! Yeah lets just say that i didn´t love it. but i think i actually held my own. i didn´t start to feel sick. i just decided not to look too much at the needle sticking out of my arm.
so on another note, i´m super excited to tell you all that we have a baptismal date. its with a 13 year old named eber flores. he´s an awesome kid. what happened is we were teaching him and gave him a book of mormon. he told us that one day he was having a doubt about adam and eve. so he decided to say a pray and open to a random part in the book of mormon and read. he opened to alma 40, which yep...talks about adam and eve. he told us that after that, he truly had a testimony of both the bible and the book of mormon. we have the baptismal date for this saturday. i´d really appreciate it if you could all pray for him and that we can help him to get baptized this saturday.
so my area is pretty sweet. i´m pretty excited because its really close to the actual city of la plata. my area is also really cool because a lot of peruvians, paraguasians, and bolivians live there. their accent is really different from the argentine accent so i think its really cool to be able to learn all kinds of different things like that. plus the food from the people from peru is riquisimo.
i want to thank you all for writing me this week. mom, thanks for always writing every week. i really appreciate the things that you say. dad, happy birthday again. hopefully the chargers can get a win for your b-day. sean, dude thanks alot for writing me. i know that you´re busy with school and work and everything, but it always means a lot to me to hear from you. it sounds like all the sports are going pretty well. hopefully chargers and byu win this week. i seriously want to hear that mayday parade cd! and you were telling me that you thought it wouldn´t be good hahah...paige, thanks for writing also. it was funny in your letter because i could never tell if it was you, dad, or bridget talking to me. but don´t worry, eventually i figured out who was writing at what time. but yeah i really appreciate it. keep working hard in school and know that i did what you asked me to do last week. bridg, hey guess what...i´ve got a dog too! hahah yep its true. her name is negrita. she´s a cute dog. i´ll have to send you a picture or video sometime.
well i think that´s about it for this week. thank you all again for writing. i love you all. you´ll be hearing from me soon...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009 - hola todos

hey everyone,
so alot has happened this week so i´m just going to jump right into it. first mom, be sure to tell erica roth thanks for the dearelder. i understood everything. tell her that the choripan is ricisimo haha.
so elder garcia and i have found about 4 people this week that we would have been able to set baptismal dates with. seriously they were all pure oro haha. but i found out saturday night that i was leaving bosques. i´ve got to tell you all that i´m really surprised. i know that i told you all that i thought i would leave, but as it got closer i really felt that i would be in bosques for a while. i bore my testimony on sunday during sacrament, and ended up telling everyone that i was leaving then. the members were seriously so nice to me. one of the members from the ward went home after church and made me this huugggeee cake. she brought it to a meeting that we had later. another person brought a bunch of facturas, which are like doughnuts (i don´t remember how to spell that anymore hahah). it was so awesome of them. but my new area is in la plata...the area itself is called alto san lorenzo. what i´ve seen of it is that its just outside the actual city of la plata. it seems way way nicer than bosques (which doesn´t take a lot haha). i´ve also got a new companion. his name is elder arraya. i actually new him from last transfer because he was in our zone in florencia varela. he´s got about 17 months in the mission and he´s from chile. he talks fast but i still understand a bunch. from everything that people have told me, lets just say that he´s about the opposite of elder garcia. i think that this is going to be a good transfer. Our pension isn´t as big as the one we had in bosques but its pretty sweet. i think the bathroom is nicer (once again, it wasn´t that hard to beat hahah). we´ll see how it goes coming from bosques, where we had 9 baptismal dates with people and alot more to come, to this area. i´m not sure if we have any baptismal dates with anyone right now, but thats going to change soon...
also, i sent keeley a letter and put the memory card in there. i asked her if she would send it to the family. i´m guessing that she will get that in the next week or so and she can just send it to all of you from there.
one cool thing that happened this week is that i found someone who knows cameron vongsawad. his name is elder flake. he´s from tucson, arizona. he was in my zone in varela, so i talked to him and found out that cameron´s first area in arizona was in elder flake´s ward. small world huh...
mom, i want to thank you for your letter this week. it was really great to hear your story about the girl from the hair place. the truth is that everyone can be a missionary. you don´t have to have a calling somewhere to be a missionary. we should all try to be missionaries. i want you to know that your an awesome example to everyone. dad, keep up the good work and everything. mom tells me that you went with bridg, sean, and uncle jeff to the byu game in las vegas. man, those are fun. sean, i hope that you´re tearing it up at school and everything. it sounds like byu whooped up on lv, which is sweet. but whats up with the chargers?! i don´t hear anything about sports here...other than soccer of course. paige, i´ll definately do what you asked in your email. i´ll be sure to pray...keep up the good work and just remember to be an example for others. you´re buenisima. bridg, thanks for the letter this week too. it sounds like you´re having an awesome time with jillian. i sounds like you had a sweet time with brooke in vegas also.
i want to thank you all for your letters and prayers. you are all so awesome. i want you to know that i love you all. you are in my heart and prayers. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

p.s. i sent the picture of zach woodmansee and i on here too. you´ll have to tell me next week if you get it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009 - hola de buenos aires

hey everyone,
wow so first of all, before i get started with everything, i want to thank you all for sending me letters and packages. mom, i got the package on wednesday. wow it was seriously all so awesome! the best part by far was the pictures. they were all so good but the best one by far was the one of keeley, paige and bridget. that was seriously the best picture without a doubt. but everything in the package was awesome so thanks a lot mom. i also want you to make sure to thank keeley for her letter and gracie too. they were great. i want you all to know that i love you all. i´m soo blessed to have all.
so its been a good week. general conference was seriously amazing! i´ve never liked conference as much as i did this year hahah...i guess thats what happens when you become a missionary right? but the best talk without a doubt was the talk by jefferey r. did he bajó la caña or what?! wow it was seriously so good. i think we all had to pick our jaws up off the floor. i want to just put my testimony with his right now. this church is the church of jesus christ. the book of mormon is true...people have constantly tried to tear down the book of mormon and prove that its not true, but they just can´t. and honestly they never will be able to because its all true. all of the talks were awesome, but his was one of the best talks i´ve ever heard. one thing that i noticed about the talks this conference was that alot of them focused on 3 things: love, family, and the plan of salvation. they are really all connected. we have love because we have families. we have families because they are a part of God´s plan for us.
I wish i could tell you all that matias ponce and abril mesa came to church this week, but they didn´t. we´ve had some difficulties with matias and abril´s dad this week. both are going to be baptized, but we just might have to wait a couple weeks. but i want to thank you all for your prayers for them and for all the other investigators that we have.
mom, thank you so much for writing again this week and for the package that you sent. i was thinking that it would be cool if you were able to send an international calling card before christmas gets here. calling cards are expensive here in argentina so it would be awesome if you could send one to me. dad, it sounds like you all had a good time fishing this week. its about time you didn´t catch anything-hahah. it sounds like lately you´ve all be catching stuff left and right. but keep working hard and know that i love you. sean, i hope that you´re doing well too. i guess i´ll just wait to hear about any sports news or anything. but mom told me that you were able to go to conference on saturday, which was probably sweet. i had to listen to the saturday morning session all in spanish. but elder bednard´s talk was really good. paige, i hope that you´re not having too much fun now that school is all underway and everything hahah. but keep up the good work. oh and by the way, everytime i show those pictures of you to people they always think you´re like in your 20´s hahah. bridg, having having a great time with jillian and keep working hard in school.
i want you all to know that i love you. thank you all for everything that you do for me. i am truly blessed. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall