Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011- Last Letter?

hey guys, its been sooo long!! hahah
sorry that i wasnt able to call back last night. it kinda went down the way you thought. like we got back a little later than i was expecting and then i was like, ¨ehhh well my comp needs to talk to his family.¨ so i just let him go in and talk. like no worries though. it was cool cause we were able to hear each other and everything. it sounds like things are going well. there were a couple things that i wanted to say that i didnt have time to mention last night. im planning on leaving like all my short sleeve shirts too cause ill never wear them after. seriously, never haha. ive got enough long sleeve ones that ill be able to use any other time that i need one. but if theres like any reason why you think that i shouldnt leave either of these behind, let me know.
well we werent really able to talk a lot about my week last night. but it was honestly a pretty crazy one. but the thing was, we seriously had hardly any time to actually work in our area. on tuesday, like i mentioned last week, we had to take a nice double decker bus for 6 hours to get to adrogué. the first time i took that bus ride, it was somewhat fun. now im just over it hahah. but my comp and i had a ton of time to talk and stuff. and i talked to this one lady for a really long time too about the gospel. it was weird to be back in adrogué though. it felt alot like christmas cause it was kinda colder and there were alot more people and stuff. but then on wednesday we had a leadership meeting for all the zone leaders of the mission. i got to see all my friends and stuff. but that meeting was also pretty sad cause whenever some missionaries are about to finish, president stapley asks them to bear their testimony. and it seriously just got to me really strong. like when it was my turn it was just so weird. it kinda hit me that there wasnt that much time left. its a good thing that the tears dont go shooting out of my eyes that easily cause it was definately tough. there were some of my friends and people that i might not see again or atleast for a couple more months. but overall, it was a good meeting and alot of fun. that night we spent the night in the mission home so that we could take the bus early in the morning. we left around 8 on thursday and got back around 2ish. its so crazy how much that ride actually takes out of ya haha.
the rest of the week was just us racing around our area to try and get in some lessons with people that we´re teaching. i think one of the coolest things that happened this week was that monica´s step son (monica is the lady we´re trying to get married and baptized) got home from his mission in ecuador. its sweet cause hes really excited to help in the missionary work and really wants his step mom to get baptized. so hopefully he keeps up helping us and everything. i know that he told us that hes got alot of references of friends that he wants to give us...score! haha
mom, here we were allowed to go on skype to talk to the fam too, but i decided not to do it for 2 reasons. first, my comps family didnt really know how to do it. so i was just figured that we could both talk on the phone. second, i figure that ill be seeing you all in just a little bit, so i just thought that id wait. but yeah, i know some people that did it. but i think that it would make them kinda trunky so im kinda glad that i didnt end up doing it. dad, it was good to hear ya last night. thanks for not giving me the entire run down of my flight plans and stuff though haha. its probably better that i just dont know about that stuff yet. sean, dude happy birthday again. hopefully you liked the little seranade that i had prepared for ya haha. bummer about the lakers and everything. but hey, not all of our teams could win while ive been here on the mission. no te preocupes, en un ratito empieca el futbol americano hahah. paige, we´re probably not just gonna have to go to the wave this summer. im in need of a tan, so im thinkin that we should get some beach days in there too hahah. bridg, havent heard alot about jilian in awhile...are you already sick of her? hahah where have i heard, ´no mom ill always take care of her!¨ and a couple months later, moms the only one feeding or walking the dog hahaha.
hey guys so i was thinking, and this might actually be the last email that i send. like next week, im not sure if ill be able to write or not. like id say that you should write and stuff just in case, but since its the last week, i dont know if im gonna be able to write. but we´ll just see what happens. if i can write again, we´ll be hearin from each other next week. if not, well you all know when we´ll be hearin from each other hahah. but either way, i love you all!
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011-Hey

heyyy guys,
well well its been another pretty good week i must say. im definately enjoying things here in mar de ajó. elder baggaley and i have been working like crazy with the people that we´ve been teaching. we´ve seen some progress with certain people, and others havent been as great as we´ve been hoping for. but overall we´re happy, working well and having fun.
i think that the person thats been progressing better than anyone has been monica. shes the ¨not-yet-wife¨ of hermano diaz. like shes been the one who has been helping the family to get more active again in the church. shes been reading all the stuff that we´ve left her. its nice cause we´ve been able to teach them atleast like 2 times a week. the only thing we´re waiting for is the marriage. last night we had a lesson with them and we challenged them to talk and set up a marriage date together. i know that they´re gonna do it too. they both want to, so it doesnt look like there would be anything else that would prevent them from doing it. we´re gonna have to see if they can get married in the next couple weeks though hahah. if not then i guess elder baggaley and (i had to say this) someone else might have to reap the fruits of our labors hahah. but its all good. as long as they get married and she can get baptized. and i know that theyve got an 8 year old girl too, and yesterday we were saying how she can get baptized too. it would be awesome if they got baptized together.
we´ve got another really awesome family that im pretty excited about. the mom´s name is laura. she was a reference from the branch president cause they work together. so the missionaries have been teaching her for like 2 months, but the last 2 weeks, we weren´t able to teach her. but on like thursday we found her. and her son and daughter just happened to be there hahah. so my comp and i took advantage of the opportunity and asked them to listen also and they both sat down and listened to us. it was cool cause i could tell that they all really enjoyed it and laura especially cause she told us that she didnt think that theyd accept to listen haha. but now from what the branch president told us, the kids are really excited and stuff too. so we´re gonna hope that in the next couple weeks, they can keep progressing well.
ok so today was pretty sweet. earlier today, we went over to santa teresita and played golf on a sweet golf course. when i say ¨sweet¨ golf course though of course you all have to remember that im in argentina haha. so its not like it was the greatest course in the world, but ive gotta admit it was pretty sick. we played 9 holes. and now i remember why i always chose to play like basketball and tennis and stuff hahah cause i kinda suck at golf. but we all did, so it was way fun. we were all having a good time and just kinda messed around for a couple hours.
dang so this week, elder baggaley and i are really thinking that we´re gonna have to take advantage of every little moment that we´re gonna have to work. cause listen to this schedule for the week: today, pday-only like 3 hours to work. tuesday, we work in the morning, then at lunch we have to take a 6 hour bus ride to the ¨rest of the world¨ where our mission is haha. so we´ll get to adrogué at like 9ish tomorrow night, where we´ll stay the night with some of my best friends from the offices. they on wednesday we´ve got a leadership meeting with president in the morning. after that, we take another 6 hour bus ride back here to la costa. so we´ll get here at like 9 or 10 at night. then on thursday, we´ve got a district meeting in pinamar, so that gives us like less than 5 hours to work. then on friday, we dont work in the morning cause we´ve got weekly planning. saturday is gonna be our only full day of the week. then sunday we´ve got church in the morning, and then around 6 my time i´ll call you guys for mother´s day. what a week hugh?! so we´re just gonna have to work as hard as we can with the little time that we have to actually be working. its gonna be a fun week though.
mom, thanks for the update on everything going on at home. i actually wont be able to go to the temple here in argentina before...well you all know before what haha. i dont know if ive ever told you guys, but ive only been able to enter the temple here one time during my mission when i was super new cause right after they closed it for repairs, and they havent been able to open/rededicate it since. maybe ill have to make a trip back here once they open it again...? haha dad, whats new in the sports world? lakers? padres? are we gonna have to make any downtown san diego trips to see mah padres dominate? hahah sean, thats awesome that you and emily moved to salt lake. bummer that we wont be able to be in provo together and see each other allll the time, but salt lakes only like 45 minutes away. dude where are you working now? ¨someone¨ told me that you guys are gonna be living close enough for you to walk to work. paige, congrats on getting a job at the wave. i actually didnt know about that. i guess we´re gonna have to make a trip there one day and soak up the sun hahah. bridg, thanks for the email. haha youre right though i didnt really care for the update on the time left though hahah. its all good though.
k thats about it. but youll be hearing from me again on sunday. crazy that we´re already almost at mother´s day again. AAANNNDDD i know that im gonna be able to say this over the phone, but i might as well give sean an early b-day shout out. hope you have an awesome day bro. love i guess that we´ll be talkin then. ill give you guys a call probably around like 6 or 630 my time. have a good rest of the week. until sunday...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall