Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011-Happy Birthday Paige!

hey guys!
first of all....happy birthday paige!! wow the big 1-7! haha thats awesome. i hope that youve had a good week. hopefully you were able to eat a bunch of cake and stuff for me hahah.
well for this week...i told you guys that guti and i were thinking about doing a zone fast this week. we didnt end up doing it as a zone, but we were able to do it as a companionship. it was really awesome cause the next day, we went over to silvia´s house. i dont know if you remember her, but she was with a guy who we were teaching with a bunch of kids. she always wanted to get baptized, but was scared to commit herself to get married. but we havent been going over to their house that much in the last couple months. but we went over the other day and she told us that the guy that she had been living with left the house. like she didnt want to be with him anymore, so he took all his stuff and left. so we kept talking and she was actually the one who told us that she felt like it was an answer from God telling her that she needed to be alone with her kids for a while. she said that she thinks that God is giving her the chance to get baptized in the church. like shes always believed that it was the truth, she just didnt want to get married. but it was really cool cause as she was telling us all of that, in my head i was thinking, ¨wow we really need to fast more often. it works really well!¨ hahah. like the Lord has really answered our prayers and blessed us alot in this area. so we´re trying to baptize her the week after general conference...we´re also teaching ezequiel like i told you all. this week we were able to take out a baptismal date with him also. we had put it originally for this saturday, but he wasnt able to go to church this week. so we decided to put it back to the 9th of april, which would be the same day as silvia´s baptism. we´re actually trying to baptize almost all the people that we have baptismal dates that day. its been really tough for us to talk to rosa and her family that last week or 2 cause shes working alot more. but i know that shes gonna be able to get baptized too. shes been able to feel that its the truth.
alright so my birthday was also really awesome this week. i wanted to thank you guys for sending the package also. it was awesome to get. guti and i are enjoying the airheads and everything that it had hahah. but we ended up having a combined birthday thing on sunday cause a lady in the ward had her birthday on the 20th also. so we went over to their house. they made me this huge boca cake. and i thought that it was hilarious cause i was messing around, pretending to lick the cake and stuff and guti totally stuck my face in the cake hahah. i was laughing so hard. i cant send the pictures right now cause we´re kinda late already, but ill try to remember for next week...but all in all it was a really good week.
mom, the birthday was really good. thanks alot for the shirt and all the candy. my comps probably enjoying it just as much as i am hahah. dad, thats awesome that you guys were able to have those 2 baptisms. keep helpin the missionaries as much as possible. i would consider myself the luckiest missionary ever to have a ward mission leader like you hahah. sean, dude keep me posted on them cougars. but im stoked about applying for that job. that would seriously be awesome to be able to work there. thanks for talkin to your supervisor for me bro. paige, happy birthday again! dont have too much fun and those dances and stuff hahah. but 17 is a fun age fo sho. bridg, sorry paige stole all your birthday thunder hahah. it happens. but i hope that you guys all have a good spring break. be sure to let me know what you all do.
alright so i was atleast able to send you guys these 2 pictures. ones of when guti stuck my face in the cake (the after picture) and the other was one of me with a boca towel that someone bought me for my birthday. but i hope you guys enjoy them! ill try to send me next time.
k guys i gotta go. but thanks for everything. have a great week and we´ll be hearing from each other soon. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011-Oh What A Crazy Week!

wow i cant believe that paige is already turning 17 this sunday. ¨they grow up so fast (little tear)¨ hahah. but its really awesome. i hope that you have an awesome birthday. sounds like the weekend is gonna be pretty crazy for ya. but enjoy it...
well what can i say about this week? it was an ok week. we worked as hard as we could. its just been hard for us to get our investigators to church. we´re doing everything that we can so that more people go to church. we talked to rosa, daniela, and rocio on friday. there was a tiny hickup in their progress, but now things look like theyre going smooth again. they committed to going to church, but on sunday they werent there. we went over right after church to see what happened, and rocio told us that rosa got called out of the blue to go into work. sometimes that happens. but the thing is that rosa and daniela would still be able to get baptized on the 26th. but rocio still hasnt been able to go to church. so elder gutierrez and i have talked alot about this and we decided that we really want them to all get baptized together. so we´re gonna have to push the baptismal date back more. and its not gonna be on april 2nd cause thats general conference. so i think that we´re trying to get them baptized on the 9th of april. what elder gutierrez and i have been talking about also was to do another fast in the zone for the missionary work and especially so that we can have more people in sacrament. well see if we end up doing it again this week...but we did have a kid named ezequiel go to church yesterday. hes actually mercedez´s other grandson. hes 18 and he just came to live with mercedez and all of them a couple weeks ago. hes a good kid, but really quiet sometimes. we´ve been able to gain his confidence though so he actually talks to us alot now. we were about to take a baptismal date out with him the other day, but mercedez went off and started talking alot. so we werent able to do it. but i think that we´ll be able to take out a baptismal date with him this week. probably tonight cause we´re going over there around 730.
so last week we finally got a ward mission leader. after 7 months going without a ward mission leader, and asking that they call one, they finally called one. his name is fede. hes a kid thats about 19 or 20 years old. i thought that it was an awesome idea cause hes kind of on the border right now on whether he wants to serve a mission or not. i think that this called could help him alot. the only thing is that since they called him 2 weeks ago, he hasnt been to church haha. we only see him every once in a while. it doesnt make it that useful if our ward mission leader goes inactive haha. that would mean that we would be without a ward mission leader again, without an elder´s chorum president, and without a full bishopric...again haha. no one ever said that the mission was easy. they only said that it would be worth it. and trust me, it is.
mom, its good to know that nothing ended up happening there in so cal with those tsunamis and everything. we´ve heard a bunch about them here and stuff. but its good to know that the Lord is lookin out for my family. dad, you were right, i just got that email from ya. but thanks alot. it means alot. its a bummer about byu. i was hoping that we´d actually be able to contend this time. but without anyone in the post to help us out, i think we´re gonna go right back to the normal byu. even with a star like jimmer as our point. sean, dude muh lakers! someone told me that they were starting to do well this week and i got so stoked. them lakers always know when to turn it on. and dude, para que sepas, me falta muchisimo todavia hahah. y sabes de qué estoy hablando. pasa rapido, pero hay mucho para hacer todavia. paige, happy birthday again! and in a couple more years, your gonna be able to date too...maybe hahah. have an awesome weekend and know that i love ya. bridg, ill bet that you were suuuupper scared about the tsunamis this week hahah. you havent changed that much to not get nervous about tsunamis hahah.
guys i gotta get goin. we´ve got some work to do here in this area. theres still alot to do and we need to just keep doing everything that we possibly can. but i wanna let you all know that i know that this church is true. im so grateful for being raised in this church and for having these 2 years to serve the Lord. i love you all. have a great week. until next time...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

ok so i gotta let bridg know that i didnt forget about her birthday yesterday! last week i had been meaning to mention in the entire time in my email, and in the moment i totally forgot to say something. but im just gonna tell ya a day late bridg....HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!! wow i cant believe that youre already 14! thats seriously crazy to me. hahah and i just looked at the pictures that mom sent me. wow you and paige both look alot older. and bridg that room of yours...its lookin a little scandelous hahah no just kidding. it looks really awesome. i want a zebra comforter! haha actually a penguin one would be wayyy sick! but either way its way cool. and ive gotta say im not too surprised about the birthday dinner decision, going with the orange chicken haha. thats a classic bridget choice. but yeah bridg, happy birthday! i may have forgotten to mention it last week, but at least keeley was able to take my spot on the whole ¨wishing you a happy birthday¨ thing haha. hope you had an awesome time yesterday, even though it was fast sunday. aveces pasa haha...
well mom i was thinking about what you said in your email. how you thought that president stapley must have been really inspired to pray and feel that i needed to stay here in el triangulo again. ive been thinking the same thing. i know that he really does transfers by revelation from God. and sometimes i dont know who we´re gonna even teach in the transfer, but something always happens. and it looks like this transfer is gonna be the same way. so i told you all that we´ve been teaching a lady named rosa for a little bit. she was the one that went to church all by herself 2 weeks ago. well we´ve been working really hard to teach her and her family and ive got to say that its paid off a ton. they´re all progressing super fast. like after church last week, we went over to her house on like tuesday i think. she told us that she felt like when she was in church, it felt like something really familiar to her. ive gotta say, that made me smile. in the mtc, our president told us that sometime during the mission, we were gonna share the gospel with people and some were gonna say that it seemed familiar to them. so that was really cool cause its so true...anyways, rosa told us that she felt that really this is the true church because she can feels like God is telling her through the way it all makes her feel. her and her family seriously seem super awesome. there are still 2 of them that arent listening all that much to us, but i know that in their own due time, their gonna start to listen. but that tuesday, the Spirit was really strong in that lesson and thanks to that, we were able to take out baptismal dates with rosa and her 2 daughters, daniela and rocio. we´re trying to baptize them all on the 26th, so id appreciate it if you could all pray for them so that they can accept the gospel in their lives and be able to go to church the next 2 weeks.
i think that that was the coolest thing that happened this week. i just love how the Spirit works and really tells us everything that we have to say and teach. thats why its so important to be obedient, cause without the Spirit, its impossible to do missionary work.
we´ve got a couple other people that we´re working with right now that we´re gonna try to take out baptismal dates with this week. but i think that elder gutierrez and i are still working on finding new people to teach. the only difference now is that we´re trying not to waste time doing a whole bunch of contacts in the street if we dont feel inspired by the Spirit to do it. now we´re working alot more with the members and its really making a difference.
mom, that would be awesome if gracie could help out a little bit and kinda look around for an apartment at byu. that would actually be huge. dad, the cougars have got to be in like the top 5 now right? i mean we´re just tearin it apart. i dont know who brandon davies is but still, with the freddett-myster and our point, i think we can still take down the people in our division. but if this davies guy is key, we´re gonna need to get him back soon if we want to try and do anything for march madness. speaking of march madness...when does that start?! hahah its gonna be like in the next week or something right? sean, sounds like you´ve been havin alot of fun with the gang haha. be sure to tell them all that i say hi and that i love ´em. its too bad that we arent gonna be able to live together again with daniel though hahah. sooo funny dude! paige gubler you write your future husband ok? hahah hes giving up. but ill never give up on this. its destiny so you all just have to accept it haha. bridg, happy birthday again! have a good birthday week too haha. love ya!
yup thats about it for last week. we´re just gonna have to see what magic happens this week. but thanks for everything that you guys do for me. youre all great! have a good week. until the next one...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall