Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011- Last Letter?

hey guys, its been sooo long!! hahah
sorry that i wasnt able to call back last night. it kinda went down the way you thought. like we got back a little later than i was expecting and then i was like, ¨ehhh well my comp needs to talk to his family.¨ so i just let him go in and talk. like no worries though. it was cool cause we were able to hear each other and everything. it sounds like things are going well. there were a couple things that i wanted to say that i didnt have time to mention last night. im planning on leaving like all my short sleeve shirts too cause ill never wear them after. seriously, never haha. ive got enough long sleeve ones that ill be able to use any other time that i need one. but if theres like any reason why you think that i shouldnt leave either of these behind, let me know.
well we werent really able to talk a lot about my week last night. but it was honestly a pretty crazy one. but the thing was, we seriously had hardly any time to actually work in our area. on tuesday, like i mentioned last week, we had to take a nice double decker bus for 6 hours to get to adrogué. the first time i took that bus ride, it was somewhat fun. now im just over it hahah. but my comp and i had a ton of time to talk and stuff. and i talked to this one lady for a really long time too about the gospel. it was weird to be back in adrogué though. it felt alot like christmas cause it was kinda colder and there were alot more people and stuff. but then on wednesday we had a leadership meeting for all the zone leaders of the mission. i got to see all my friends and stuff. but that meeting was also pretty sad cause whenever some missionaries are about to finish, president stapley asks them to bear their testimony. and it seriously just got to me really strong. like when it was my turn it was just so weird. it kinda hit me that there wasnt that much time left. its a good thing that the tears dont go shooting out of my eyes that easily cause it was definately tough. there were some of my friends and people that i might not see again or atleast for a couple more months. but overall, it was a good meeting and alot of fun. that night we spent the night in the mission home so that we could take the bus early in the morning. we left around 8 on thursday and got back around 2ish. its so crazy how much that ride actually takes out of ya haha.
the rest of the week was just us racing around our area to try and get in some lessons with people that we´re teaching. i think one of the coolest things that happened this week was that monica´s step son (monica is the lady we´re trying to get married and baptized) got home from his mission in ecuador. its sweet cause hes really excited to help in the missionary work and really wants his step mom to get baptized. so hopefully he keeps up helping us and everything. i know that he told us that hes got alot of references of friends that he wants to give us...score! haha
mom, here we were allowed to go on skype to talk to the fam too, but i decided not to do it for 2 reasons. first, my comps family didnt really know how to do it. so i was just figured that we could both talk on the phone. second, i figure that ill be seeing you all in just a little bit, so i just thought that id wait. but yeah, i know some people that did it. but i think that it would make them kinda trunky so im kinda glad that i didnt end up doing it. dad, it was good to hear ya last night. thanks for not giving me the entire run down of my flight plans and stuff though haha. its probably better that i just dont know about that stuff yet. sean, dude happy birthday again. hopefully you liked the little seranade that i had prepared for ya haha. bummer about the lakers and everything. but hey, not all of our teams could win while ive been here on the mission. no te preocupes, en un ratito empieca el futbol americano hahah. paige, we´re probably not just gonna have to go to the wave this summer. im in need of a tan, so im thinkin that we should get some beach days in there too hahah. bridg, havent heard alot about jilian in awhile...are you already sick of her? hahah where have i heard, ´no mom ill always take care of her!¨ and a couple months later, moms the only one feeding or walking the dog hahaha.
hey guys so i was thinking, and this might actually be the last email that i send. like next week, im not sure if ill be able to write or not. like id say that you should write and stuff just in case, but since its the last week, i dont know if im gonna be able to write. but we´ll just see what happens. if i can write again, we´ll be hearin from each other next week. if not, well you all know when we´ll be hearin from each other hahah. but either way, i love you all!
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011-Hey

heyyy guys,
well well its been another pretty good week i must say. im definately enjoying things here in mar de ajó. elder baggaley and i have been working like crazy with the people that we´ve been teaching. we´ve seen some progress with certain people, and others havent been as great as we´ve been hoping for. but overall we´re happy, working well and having fun.
i think that the person thats been progressing better than anyone has been monica. shes the ¨not-yet-wife¨ of hermano diaz. like shes been the one who has been helping the family to get more active again in the church. shes been reading all the stuff that we´ve left her. its nice cause we´ve been able to teach them atleast like 2 times a week. the only thing we´re waiting for is the marriage. last night we had a lesson with them and we challenged them to talk and set up a marriage date together. i know that they´re gonna do it too. they both want to, so it doesnt look like there would be anything else that would prevent them from doing it. we´re gonna have to see if they can get married in the next couple weeks though hahah. if not then i guess elder baggaley and (i had to say this) someone else might have to reap the fruits of our labors hahah. but its all good. as long as they get married and she can get baptized. and i know that theyve got an 8 year old girl too, and yesterday we were saying how she can get baptized too. it would be awesome if they got baptized together.
we´ve got another really awesome family that im pretty excited about. the mom´s name is laura. she was a reference from the branch president cause they work together. so the missionaries have been teaching her for like 2 months, but the last 2 weeks, we weren´t able to teach her. but on like thursday we found her. and her son and daughter just happened to be there hahah. so my comp and i took advantage of the opportunity and asked them to listen also and they both sat down and listened to us. it was cool cause i could tell that they all really enjoyed it and laura especially cause she told us that she didnt think that theyd accept to listen haha. but now from what the branch president told us, the kids are really excited and stuff too. so we´re gonna hope that in the next couple weeks, they can keep progressing well.
ok so today was pretty sweet. earlier today, we went over to santa teresita and played golf on a sweet golf course. when i say ¨sweet¨ golf course though of course you all have to remember that im in argentina haha. so its not like it was the greatest course in the world, but ive gotta admit it was pretty sick. we played 9 holes. and now i remember why i always chose to play like basketball and tennis and stuff hahah cause i kinda suck at golf. but we all did, so it was way fun. we were all having a good time and just kinda messed around for a couple hours.
dang so this week, elder baggaley and i are really thinking that we´re gonna have to take advantage of every little moment that we´re gonna have to work. cause listen to this schedule for the week: today, pday-only like 3 hours to work. tuesday, we work in the morning, then at lunch we have to take a 6 hour bus ride to the ¨rest of the world¨ where our mission is haha. so we´ll get to adrogué at like 9ish tomorrow night, where we´ll stay the night with some of my best friends from the offices. they on wednesday we´ve got a leadership meeting with president in the morning. after that, we take another 6 hour bus ride back here to la costa. so we´ll get here at like 9 or 10 at night. then on thursday, we´ve got a district meeting in pinamar, so that gives us like less than 5 hours to work. then on friday, we dont work in the morning cause we´ve got weekly planning. saturday is gonna be our only full day of the week. then sunday we´ve got church in the morning, and then around 6 my time i´ll call you guys for mother´s day. what a week hugh?! so we´re just gonna have to work as hard as we can with the little time that we have to actually be working. its gonna be a fun week though.
mom, thanks for the update on everything going on at home. i actually wont be able to go to the temple here in argentina before...well you all know before what haha. i dont know if ive ever told you guys, but ive only been able to enter the temple here one time during my mission when i was super new cause right after they closed it for repairs, and they havent been able to open/rededicate it since. maybe ill have to make a trip back here once they open it again...? haha dad, whats new in the sports world? lakers? padres? are we gonna have to make any downtown san diego trips to see mah padres dominate? hahah sean, thats awesome that you and emily moved to salt lake. bummer that we wont be able to be in provo together and see each other allll the time, but salt lakes only like 45 minutes away. dude where are you working now? ¨someone¨ told me that you guys are gonna be living close enough for you to walk to work. paige, congrats on getting a job at the wave. i actually didnt know about that. i guess we´re gonna have to make a trip there one day and soak up the sun hahah. bridg, thanks for the email. haha youre right though i didnt really care for the update on the time left though hahah. its all good though.
k thats about it. but youll be hearing from me again on sunday. crazy that we´re already almost at mother´s day again. AAANNNDDD i know that im gonna be able to say this over the phone, but i might as well give sean an early b-day shout out. hope you have an awesome day bro. love i guess that we´ll be talkin then. ill give you guys a call probably around like 6 or 630 my time. have a good rest of the week. until sunday...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011-Congrats Sean

hey hey hey!
first of all, sean congrats on graduating this week! i saw the pics and it looks like it went really well. but dude thats awesome that everything went well.
im excited to hear that it sounds like everyone has had a good week back home. here we´ve also had a good week. we weren´t able to baptize nilda and her granddaughters though. atleast now i can tell you their names though hahah. they´re andrea, ayelen, and karen. but we talked to them on like tuesday morning and were trying to get them excited about getting baptized. but nilda told us that she still feels like they need to wait a little more. when we started trying to figure out what it was exactly that was preventing them from getting baptized now, she told us that it didnt have anything to do with the teachings of the church or anything. she believes that what we teach is true. but from what she told us, she still wants to know more people from the branch. like i think that my comp and i are gonna try to have more lessons with member now with her. i think that if we want her to get baptized in the next couple weeks, she needs to be able to feel love from the members and that when she goes to church, the members are gonna be there to make her feel good. thats always been a weakness that ive seen here in argentina hahah. its sad but true. alot the members arent always as strong here. there are alot of great members, but we need more that can help out when the missionaries arent there, ya know? but we´ve got a couple ideas for who we can take with us to visit them. elder baggaley and i are working hard so that they can get baptized this transfer. id appreciate your prayers for them.
besides nilda and her grand kids, we´ve found some awesome people this week that we think that also get baptized in the near future. we found a family that was listening to the missionaries a couple months ago, that really liked the church. the problem was that during summer, the basically had no time to talk to us. but now summer´s over and they seem really excited to start going to church. we talked about baptism with them the other day and they said that they want to get baptized. the only reason we didnt take out a baptismal date with them that day was cause we wanted to remind them that they have to get married. i think that someone can get married here within a couple weeks. so we have to get them pumped for that. their names are leo and fabiana. if you could pray that they agree to get married, it would be much appreciated hahah...we also found a lady, named monica, whos the wife of an inactive member. well shes actually not the ¨wife¨ yet, but theyre working on that hahah. the inactive member´s wife passed away a couple years ago. sinc then, he met monica and now theyre working on getting married. but she went to church yesterday with the whole family. it was awesome! we´re gonna work so that they can get married sometime soon also. we´re shooting for a couple weeks from now.
so besides that, my comp and i are just working ¨aful¨ to find more people and help them progress. we´re seeing alot of improvements too. and on top of that, we´re trying to have fun while we do it hahah. i sent you guys 2 pics- one was of the sunrise last week. when we went running to the beach one day in the morning. the other was when we were in a place called pinamar. we were right there on the beach, so we snapped a couple pics.
mom, about the apartment thing, i havent been able to talk to elder rader for a while now. but id say that if those better known places arent gonna work, we should start looking at something else. but i dont know. like glenwood or raintree would be sick i think. maybe we can try to convince them. honestly im not exactly sure hahah sorry. i cant do alot right now though. theres just no time to do anything. dad, i hope that the lakers were able to shake off the rust and beat the hornets. im sooo far away from all the other missionaries here that i seriously dont hear anything haha. sean, felicitaciones otra vez por graduarte. eso es buenisimo che. espero que sigas estudiando para que podamos graduarnos juntos en algunos años mas. paige, looks like you enjoyed the spring break fo sho. now its back to lovely school. yeahhh! bridg, you said hi to all the cousins and stuff for me, right? hahah
hey my comp just reminded me that on the 8th, we´re gonna call you guys for mother´s day. so im gonna call you guys around 6 my time, which is like 1 or 2 your guys time. just to give you all a heads up.
k so i better get goin. thank you guys for all your emails, your prayers, and everything else. have a great week! until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

April 18, 2011-La Costa-So Far So Good

hey everyone!
so im writing here from mar de ajo in la costa. last week was a little crazy just having the change and everything really fast, but now that im here, im loving it and having a great time. its different for sure. its soooo clean!! haha and the people are super nice. thats something i havent seen in 2 years haha. theres alot of sand, which is kinda weird, but its all been really cool. im here with elder baggaley, who is from salt lake city. hes got 6 weeks less than me, but hes been an awesome companion for this week. he seems like a really great teacher and stuff. ive gotta say that ive kinda known him for a while and i never really took the time to really get to know him thaaat well. but ive really been wrong about him. hes alot of fun and we´ve already had alot of laughs together. im thinking that its gonna be a good transfer...
so as far as things go in the mission work here in mar de ajó, the people are fairly more wealthier here, which makes talking to people a bigger challenge. it makes the members of the branch (its a small branch. more on that later...) even more important. but the good news is that we´re working right now with a couple families. we´ve got a family that we´re teaching right now and really trying to get baptized. the lady´s name is nilda. shes an older woman. he husband is named juan. hes kinda listening to us, but hes never gone to church before and we dont have a baptismal date with him yet. its in the works though. but yeah so we´re teaching nilda and her 3 little grandchildren. i actually dont remember their names right now, cause im trying to learn a bunch of different names of the investigators and members that we have and my mind is still in a jumble hahah. but we´re really trying to get them baptized this saturday. theyve already gone to church twice and they seem like really good people. i think that they want to get baptized, but we´ve definately got to get them excited for it. if not, i think nilda´s gonna say that shed like to just keep waiting a little bit. so our main goal this week is talk to nilda and her 3 grandchildren, get them super excited about the baptism, and baptize them this saturday. if its what the Lord wants to happen, it will.
alright so what else has happened...? hahah ok so yesterday was about the weirdest day of church that ive ever had. or maybe not the weirdest, but id definately say the day where i had to do more stuff than ive ever had to before. so get the morning, our branch president calls us and tells us that he wouldnt be able to make it to church. he was really sick so he couldnt go. so he asked us if we could set up and prepare the sacrament meeting. i talked to him and told him that thatd be fine. so we left around like 8ish and then we realized that we werent gonna have any bread for the sacrament. so reluctantly, we went to one of the bakeries and bought a thing of bread. so then we got to church, and started right away to prepare the music, the anouncements, and all that good stuff. by the way, the branch president had also asked both elder baggaley and i to give talks hahah fun. but we set that all up, and then started setting up the sacrament table. we finished that before church started. but there we probably like less than 20 people that showed up, so i had to direct the music, while my comp blessed the sacrament. then i had to pass the sacrament hahah. and as soon as that was over, i got up and gave my 30 minute talk hahah. literally, i had to talk for 30 minutes. i dont know how i was able to talk for that long being so unprepared haha but the Lord definately guided me on that one. during on of the parts of my talk, i actually talked about the conversion of grandpa, with the little deacon that told him to get baptized hahah. but then my comp gave his talk. lets just say that it was a different kind of sunday. im always glad for new opportunities, but id rather not do that again haha.
ohhh but heres an awesome thing that we did. so today we had a zone activity cause in february our zone completed all our goals. so as a reward, president stapley came to pinamar (which is like an hour from where we live) and made us breakfast. we had pancakes with syrup, eggs with bacon (its been awhile since ive had bacon), and orange juice. for me it was amazing haha. but it was cool cause my comp and i were trying to think of some fun stuff that we could do after the breakfast. and last night i was laying in my bed thinking and all of a sudden, i sat up and was like, ¨easter egg hunt!!!¨ haha i mean this week is easter! elder baggaley liked the idea, so we bought all the candy this morning. and while the rest of the zone was watching a movie, we hid all the candy. we didnt tell them until the end of the movie, so the were all surprised and everyone told us that they really loved it. i thought it was wayyy fun too. just another one of those dorky ideas of mine haha.
mom, my comp is definately from the us haha. hes as american as you can get. but an awesome kid. dad, bummer about the lakers losing the first game against the lame hornets. but im not worried. we just need the mamba to do his thing. no te precupes haha. sean, sounds like you guys are gonna have some fun this week with the rest of the fam. be sure to have a good one and send me some pics with them if you can. paige, spring hahah and hey, i read that letter from the newer guy in the ward. just for future references for all guys: theres only one guy for you, mrs. gubler ;) . bridg, hopefully that the carita is doing alot better now. thats kind of a weird thing that happened, but hopefully is all cleared up now.
well im hoping for an amazing week. it should be a little crazy here in our area since this week is easter. lets just say that im glad that i wasnt here when it was really hot outside hahah. but we´ll see if there are alot of people that come down here for easter this time of year. but i wanna wish you all a happy easter. i hope that its alot of fun for all of you. and yeah we´ll talk more next week. love you all!
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

heyyy guys,
alright so im gonna apologize right now cause i know that im writing this really late. but let me explain...we had transfers this week and i got changed. president called elder gutierrez and i saturday morning and let us know. he told me that i was going to mar de ajó in la costa (the coast). im seriously still really surprised. like most people that go here are here for awhile. but i really never expected it to happen. i figured that id finish up in el triangulo. but president told me that they needed me in la costa. so to explain why im writing this so late, we just got off a 6 hour bus ride. we went from the mission house and just road all the way out to nowheres vill hahah. like seriously, all i saw for 6 hours was field and cows hahah. but we just got to the area. i guess that we live like 10ish blocks from the ocean. still havent seen it so i dont know exactly what its like. but its kinda crazy cause alot of the streets are all sand haha...but this area is insane as far as ive heard. la costa has always been labeled as a ¨hard zone¨ as far as finding people to baptize. but im seriously just like, ¨who cares, we´re just gonna work and find and convert these guys.¨ i think my new comp, elder baggley, is relieved for some fresh blood in this area, cause its been tough from what they tell me. so im ready to get things going. starting tomorrow haha cause as soon as i send this, we have to go back to the pension. its almost 9 haha...but yeah from what my comp has told me, this is a district (which i think is the same as a branch...or something close). its gonna be the first time i havent been in a ward. but im excited. like saturday afternoon, guti and i were just thinking about all this. i think both of us were a little bummed about it. but while i was walking, the scripture in isaiah 55 came to my head. i cant remember which one it is, but it says, ¨my thoughts are not your thoughts; neither your ways my ways.¨ when i thought about that scripture, it really helped me. i realized that it doesnt matter that i think its weird that i got sent to this area. it doesnt matter that its not something that normally happens. cause my thoughts aren´t the Lords thoughts. the Lord knows what needs to happen and where every one of his servants need to go to have the most success and bring others unto Him. i think that was a little humbling lesson that i learned. now im ready to get going and get this area was really funny though when i talked to president today about it all. he told me, ¨ill bet that youre wondering why youre going to la costa...i just wanted you to get a little view of the beach haha.¨ haha and i was like, ¨president im from california!¨ hahah
ok so im sorry that i dont have time to talk about the week or anything. i dont have time to read really any of the emails right now either. i just kinda skimmed through it all. but mom, i really just kinda flipped through your email. sorry about that. but i did read the part about the kid that went into the mtc with me hahah. trust me mom, im not gonna be home in 22 days. you already know that i left on may 20th. but ill tell you right now, more than anything so that sean and emily can plan to come down, that i should be home on may 24th. the 23rd is my last day and i should fly home that night, and be home the next day. but stop asking about it! hahah to be honest thats about all i know. if you really have to know something else, ill let you know in the next couple weeks. but if not, ill let you know about flight plans and stuff a week or 2 before i get home hahah. dad, lakers, whats up? we cant be losing like that. sean, its only cause you have to know that im telling you the day when i ¨should get home¨ haha. ive got this transfer and then now we all know what happens after that. but no, i still havent seen any of them bluebirds. do you think the coast is gonna change that? id like to think not, but if youve caught glimpses of bluebirds on campus, anything is possible hahaha. paige, haha i thought that it was way funny how you did the ¨fish thing.¨ but maybe the real ¨catch¨ would be an elder gubler...whos getting ready to come visit in the summer hahah. bridg, sorry i couldnt read your email either. but ill try to read it super quick. but i hope that youre doing great. sorry, ill think of something to tease you about next week hahah.
alright guys, we need to get going. its already past 9. i gotta unpack a little bit and then its off to bed. the bus rides always take alot out of you. its weird. but tomorrow its off to work...have a great week. ill write more next monday. love you all
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

April 5, 2011-To All My Peeps Back Home

whats up muh peeps?!?
well its been another one of those roller coaster weeks. we´ve had good things happen, and not so good things. but all in all, elder gutierrez and i are here and happy. we are kinda wondering whats gonna happen to us though. this is the last week of the transfer- i cant believe that this transfer is already almost over! every transfer goes by faster and faster. if i had to guess, id say that my comp is gonna go somewhere else. pretty much neither of us is thinking that we´re gonna stay together again. hahah after 6 months together, we´re both betting that one of us is gonna be somewhere else next transfer. both of us would be totally down to stay together again, but ive never heard of that happening. who knows? but we´re both expecting that one of us is gone. i think that we´re both thinking that its gonna be him too. but next week ill give you all the down low on that...
so about last week. the bummer was that 2 of the people we were hoping to baptize this month probably arent gonna get baptized soon. i already told you what happened with silvia the other week. well when we went over to her house this week, we knew that we just needed to ask her. my comp wasnt gonna step up to ask her if luis had gone back to live there (i dont know why its such an uncomfortable thing to ask haha), so he left it up to me to do it. haha so i asked her and sadly enough, she said that he had. she said that she was gonna give him another chance. and i mean thats great cause no one wants a woman to be alone with a bunch of kids. but its just a bummer cause shes not willing to marry him. she doesnt love him enough to marry him, just enough so that they live together. dont ask me why that makes sense...cause it doesnt hahah. but theres really nothing that we can do for now. hopefully she decides sometime in the future that they need to get married. and im sure that sooner or later thatll happen. only God knows...and it looks like ezequiel doesnt want to get baptized right now either. the bummer with him is just that he doesnt want to right now. its really not a good reason. but its better that he doesnt get baptized if he isnt willing to keep all the commandments. so for now, we´re gonna give him a little space unless he decides on his own that he wants to start listening to us again.
ok enough of that stuff. we´ve had some really great stuff happen this week also. after going like 2 weeks without being able to find rosa, we were starting to think that she didnt want to listen to us anymore. but the other day, we finally found her in her house and got to talk to her. shes just be insanely busy with work and stuff. she still wants to listen with her kids. so we´re super stoked about that...and this week we also got a really great reference from one of the members. this member asked if the family that lives next door to him wanted to listen to the missionaries and the said that they would. the husband´s name is ariel. he´s actually silvia´s nephew. but he seems like an awesome guy. he told us that when he was living in corrientes, his family had listened to the missionaries, but they never gave them the book of mormon. so when we gave it to him and started explaining it, he got super excited. we also explained the entire message of the restauration and he told us that he believes that its the truth. he seems like a capo! we´ve gotta find out if hes married (ill try to keep the faith). and it might be tough with his work to go to church, but theres nothing that God cant do (i think its luke should look it up, its a faith-builder). so i believe that He´ll help us with that. but it just goes to show that the best way to do the missionary work isnt though contacts by the missionaries. the most important people in the missionary work are the members of the church...i invite you all the try to be bold and invite someone to either listen to the missionaries, or go to church with you, or an activity. the blessings are more important than a rejection, trust me. dont be afraid of someone telling you no.
mom, you know that i thought the general conference was bomb haha. my comp and i werent able to bring anyone to the saturday sessions, so we didnt go. but the sunday session was awesome! i really liked the talk by elder holland. hes such a powerful speaker! i also really liked the talk by president monson in the first session on sunday. it was so cool how he talked about temples and their importance. i thought it was so cool how he talked about the temple being built in rome. we all know that thats impressive and really significant. but i think that those 2 were my favorites. dad, bummer that the cougars had to lose in the sweet 16. but hey, when was the last time we got that far?!? and to lose a tight game like that...aveces pasa eso haha. oh and be sure to say hi to uncle jeff for me in vegas! haha sean, thanks bro for the email. it means alot to me that you keep writing me. i know that i didnt last all 2 years writing you hahah. but thanks for always takin a little time out to write me. hahah and i wouldnt get tooo excited about them padres just yet. its a long season. we´ll see where we are in a couple months haha. paige, i heard about what happened. just know that ive been praying for you. i hope that youre doing alot better now. thats pretty crazy, but i know that youll be alright. it looks like you were all able to enjoy the trip to disneyland haha. good stuff. bridg, tell brookie cookie hi for me too haha. have fun with her there. then in another week, just get ready for some more school fun hahah.
we´ve actually got a lesson that we´ve gotta be at in 30 minutes. its a pretty long walk from here since we live outside of our area. but that means that i should probably get going hahah. but i love you all. have a great week and we´ll be talking again next monday. until next time...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

March 28, 2011

hows it going guys? hope that everythings gone great in the week. ill bet that youre all living it up since you have spring break.
as for elder gutierrez and i, things are going well here in el triangulo. we havent had alot of new things happening this week. we´ve been working really hard with the investigators that we already have. but this week we werent able to see all of them. alot of them have been really busy with work and some other stuff. my comp and i are really trying as hard as we can so that alot of these investigators get baptized in april. we did go over to see silvia this week, but we´re not really sure what to think right now. the other day we went to her house to teach a lesson and luis was there again. it was kinda weird cause we dont know if he just came over that day to pick some stuff up, or what. silvia really didnt seem to pay much attention to him, so im really not sure what to think. i did kinda wanna be like, ¨uhhh hey whats up?!?¨ but i didnt want to do it in front of luis though. so we really need to talk to silvia this week and see if she let luis come back, or if he was just there that day. like obviously, we´re here to bring the family together and not tear it apart, but at the same time she told us that she doesnt love him like a husband and really doesnt want to be with him. and she really wants to get baptized. shes just not willing to marry a guy she doesnt love hahah which is a really good thing haha. but its still tough for us. we´ll see what happens this for ezequiel, hes doing alright. like whenever we talk to just him, he talks alot to us and participates alot in the lessons. but i think mercedez makes him really nervous though (if you knew her youd understand haha). whenever shes there i think he feels really pressured to talk and it makes him even quieter. but from everything that hes told us, he still wants to get baptized. he needs to go to atleast one of the conference sessions this week though. we´re gonna do everything that we possibly can so that he goes...the good news is that this week, weve got some lessons with people that members introduced us to through references. i think that we might be able to take out some baptismal fechas with some of them. we´re gonna try to do it with all of them though hahah. as long as the Spirit´s there and tells us to do it...
mom, i really am stoked for general conference this week. its gonna be the second time that i see it here in adrogué. haha i think its funny that 6 months ago, i was already in this area haha. but yeah all the yankees are gonna go upstairs and watch it in english. and there are couches up there so we´re gonna watch the conference in luxury hahah. and about that panel...sorry but im not gonna be home yet. id be totally down for it, but i wont make it in time. hahah i think its funny that your counselor asked if i would be horrified to do it. whatever! dad, cougars? are we still playin? im actually curious to know if we even made it to the second round. sean, are the lakers still dominating? hows the mamba doin? oh and by the way, still no sign of them blue birds. me parece que no viven aca en argentina hahah. tal vez en nicaragua, pero argentina es otra cosa haha. oh and hey, if you see dylan again, be sure to tell him that i say hi, that i love him, and that i wish him luck on the mission. paige, have an awesome week off. have a good time tomorrow at disneyland. we´re gonna be hopin for sunny weather. but either way, itll be sick! bridg, hahah how did you get luckier than paige and get to have 2 weeks off for spring break?! what are you gonna do with all that time off? play some xbox and stuff for sure hahah.
alright well thats it for this week. i already know that this week is gonna fly by though cause we´ve got a meeting on wednesday, another meeting on thursday, and then saturday and sunday we have general conference. we need to either take a recent convert from the last 3 months or an investigator to go to the sessions on saturday. so you already know that were gonna do everything we can so that someone goes with us hahah. i wanna go! but have a great week. thank you all for your prayers and all the support that you give me. i love you guys.
con cariño,
elder ryan hall