Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010-A Great Surprise

hey everyone,
yeah so im really sorry about the email last week. i thought that it sent, but i guess not. my bad yeah i wanna be sure and tell tyler duncan congradulations on getting home from the mission. its crazy cause it really seems like a couple months ago when he left.
ok so alright so this week has honestly been one of the toughest that ive had. it doesnt really matter exactly why, but i just really need all of your guys prayers right now.
now im here with elder arguello. hes the mini missionary from banfield. hes like 20 and is leaving to serve a mission in mexico in november. we get along enough. i think that the toughest thing for me right now is just that its super tough to understand him. this is the first latin that ive kind of had trouble understanding. but it doesnt always make me feel that bad cause there are alot of people who dont understand him either. but hes really a good kid. im pretty excited about when my new companion gets here though. all theyve told me so far is that he should be here by july. but the thing is that elder arguello doesnt want to serve a mini mission for more than like 2 or 3 weeks, so if my hijo isnt here by then, they may have to put me with someone else. i guess that we´ll just see what happens...
we found a kid the other day. his mom is a member, but she just moved into our ward. hes like 12 and his name is nicolas. when we first tried to talk to him, he didnt really want to listen. but he was outside playing soccer with some of his friends, so elder arguello and i was like, ¨lets go play with them!¨ so we went and played for a while and i think that nicolas really started to trust us a little more. hopefully that he can start to come to church. his parents are separated and the only days he can see his dad are sundays.
ok so ive kinda got a funny story that happened today. so we decided to go to quilmes for a little bit. so we were just walkin around and we saw a guy dressed as michael jackson. it was way funny, he had the music and was just dancing for money. so i pulled my camera out and started recording him. right when i started recording, he stopped dancing and started walking around with a hat asking for money. but i didnt give him any cause i wanted to record a video of him dancing first. he got all mad at me cause i wouldnt give him any money. i was like, ¨after! youve gotta dance first!¨. i just thought that it was pretty funny cause he got mad at me for not giving him any money. he ended up dancing again and i ended up giving him some money, dont worry. it was even funnier cause i was able to record all of it. i think youll all laugh when you see it.
mom, im glad that you had a really good time at the girls camp thing. normally, the ¨younger¨ girls are supposed to have a better time than the moms. but hey who says that moms cant have more fun than their daughters hahah just kidding. dad, how did it go for a couple days solo? im sure that you got a couple movies in there. good times. you know that we´re gonna have more times like that. sean (and emily), how are you guys doin? hows all the work and stuff going? oh and dude, are the padres still tearin it up in the world of baseball? its crazy that argentina is playing in the cuatros for soccer. ive gotta say, im not a huge fan of days when argentina plays here. but its tight that they´re still playin. we´ll see if they make it to the next round. paige, thanks so much for writing. just know that i love you. i really needed to hear from you and everything...oh so ill be sure to tell gub-daddy to be expecting a letter WITH PICTURES in the next couple weeks. ive still got hopes for him being my brother in law. bridg, im glad that you and paige were both able to talk to maria belen the other day. she showed me both of the emails...ill bet that youre super excited about brookie coming down soon. be sure to tell her hi for me.
alright guys, i gotta get goin. thanks for everything. i love you all. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

June 21, 2010-Happy Father's Day

hey i just read that you guys didnt get my email last week. i dont know how that happened, but i sent you all one. ill write you all back later, but heres the letter for last week.

whats up fam!
dang what a week both here and at home. i wanted to be sure to tell dad happy fathers day! i know that it was yesterday, so im sorry that im telling ya late. i forgot to say anything last week. but it sounds like you had a good day. but you really are an amazing dad and any kid would wish that they were your son. thanks for everything dad...
be sure to tell madison walters congrats on getting baptized. thats way awesome!
alright so im pretty shoked, ive gotta say. it turns out that elder chavez is leaving the area. hes going to florencio varela (where i started the mission) in an area called san francisco. neither or us thought that he would be leaving. we both thought that if someone left, it would be me. but i guess thats just what the Lord needs of us both. as it turns out, im gonna be training again. but apparently my companion is having visa problems and they wont let him come to argentina yet. i talked to president today and he told me that he doesnt have an exact date for when hell get here, but it should be sometime in july. so for the next week or 2, im gonna be with a mini missionary. his name is martin arguello. hes from somewhere here in buenos aires, but i really dont know alot because ive only talked to him on the phone for like 5 minutes. but ill give you more info next week. for now, im actually just here in elder mortensens area cause hes training this transfer too. its pretty sweet how that turned out. so ill just hang here with him tonight and then tomorrow well both go to the mission home and get our new comps.
so today we all said goodbye to president asay. technically hes still gonna be here for another week or 2, but its almost like he wont at the same time. president stapley, the new president, doesnt get here for another week or so. but president asay got up and talked to all of us today. one thing that he really talked about alot was the obedience. he told us a story about how when he got here to argentina, he really hated olives on his pizza (trust me, its common). but as he kept eating them, he learned to kind of like them. then after a little while, he learned to love olives, even plain haha. then he told us that obedience is kind of the same. at first, we really dont want to be obedient. but as we keep following the rules, soon we learn to kind of like being obedient. pretty soon we learn to love to be obedient and we can understand why its so important. i thought that it was really cool...i dont think that i explained it as well as he did hahah but i think that you all get the idea. but it made me think that we should all really ask ourselves if were being obedient enough. not just in the mission field, but in our daily lives too. i think that if were all honest with ourselves, well realize that there is always room to be more obedient.
mom sounds like you and the girls are gonna have a really awesome time at girls camp. be sure to let me know how it goes. dad, happy fathers day again. and i really cant believe it but the lakers did it!!! shooottttt!! i heard that we were down 3-2 and being honest, i wasnt sure that we could come back. LAKERS!!! all i know is that we better be able to get one more for me next year hahah. sean, dude be sure to tell daniel and ashley congrats for me thats way cool that theyre getting married! dang man, thanks alot for that scripture too. it really is a good one. ill have to use it in one of my district meetings or something hahah. and of course the trivia this week was from dumb and dumber. such a classic! "you sold our dead bird to a blind kid?!" "harry...i took care or it." paige, i talked to elder gubler today. he told me to tell you to just be on the lookout for a letter from him in the next week or so. im trying to still keep his hopes up on you, but youre not doing anything to help out. work with me here paige, work with me! hahah bridg, so this maria belen girl sent invitations to both you and paige this week on facebook. so i hope that you can talk to her a little bit...congrats on finishing school for this year too! thats awesome.
alright well were gonna go do some work here in mortensons area. thanks for all the emails and prayers and stuff. you guys are all awesome! have a great week. talk to you soon...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010-Last Interview w/ President Asay

hey guys,
wow i wanna thank you all for your emails and everything. i thought that the pictures that you all sent were awesome! sean, dude those fishing pictures are tight dude. it sounds like it was a sweet trip. mom, i really liked the ones that you sent too. i one with keeley, paige, and bridget was by far the best. i´m really glad that keeley was able to come and see you all before she heads back up to berkeley. shes so amazing. but it looks like you all had a really good time. i can´t believe how much paige and bridget have grown since i´ve been gone. have i been gone for a year or 5 years hahah.
this week has been good. we had interviews with president on tuesday. it was kinda sad cause this was the last interview that i´ll have with him. i know that the new president is gonna be awesome too, but its just weird thinking that it wont be president asay. i´ve actually been able to get to know him really well and he´s just someone that i really respect. alot of the time, it doesn´t feel so much like an interview as us having a normal talk, ya know? but i´m way excited because i was asking him about everything going on in alto san lorenzo. he told me that alan acuña got baptized! if you don´t remember, we took a baptismal date with him the day i left and he got baptized like the week after. so i was way stoked about that. president told me that i should give alto san lorenzo a call (we´re actually not supposed to call other areas if their outside of our zone), so i did that. i found out that sara huertas is getting baptized next transfer. she´s getting married like july 8th and should get baptized right after...the missionaries there also told me that javier and viviana are solid as ever, which i was way excited to hear about. they said that they might come to transfer meetings to see elder mortensen and i. i really hope they do!
so i was kinda bummed yesterday cause we didn´t have any investigators in church. it was actually the second week that thats happened. i´m really not too happy about that. sunday morning we went to a bunch of investigators trying to get them to come, but it didn´t happen. dang you world cup!!! No kidding...i really wasn´t too happy that we didn´t have anyone in church though. we´ve definately got to change that this week...
mom, i never got to thank you last week for the scripture in doctrine and covenants 111 that you shared with me. i really liked it alot and actually used it in one of my district meetings. dad, shoot laakkkeeerrrrssss!! they better not lose tomorrow thats all i know! we can still win, we just need to win tomorrow. sean, dude during the week, i was still trying to figure out what band it was from last week. for the record, i did think about owl city. i didn´t know that owl city actually got really popular. but there are even people who know about them here. but this week, i got it...hahah of course its scary movie 3. dude that part is sooo funny! its a classic. paige, that girl told me that she´s gonna try to look you up on facebook. if that doesn´t work i´ll give her your email this week. bridg, i can tell that you´re way excited about doing basketball next year...or tennis. i really hope that you decide to do one of them. or if you keep doing dance, that would be really awesome too.
well thats about it for this week. thank you all for the emails and everything. thank you for your prayers. i really don´t know whats gonna happen this transfer. this is the last week before transfers. i would say that i´m staying here in this area, but i think that my comp is ready to become senior comp or train. he´s a good missionary. i really don´t know what to expect but whatever happens, i know that its because thats where the Lord needs me to be, with that specific missionary...i hope that you all have another great week. until the next one...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010-Well, hellloooo everyone...

hellllooooo everyone!
well it sounds like everything is going well back at home. mom, sounds like the tim mcgraw show was pretty exciting for you. hang on, i´ve just gotta go throw up a little bit hahah just kidding. i´m glad that you had fun, but i´m thinking that i probably don´t need to see the t-shirt. i´m not sure if my stomach can handle it haha kidding again. dad, dang i´m really hopin that the lakers can win a couple in boston. sean told me that we´re 1-1 which is good, but it would´ve been awesome if we could´ve been going into their home with 2 wins. oh well, we´ll just have to dominate on their home court...i´m crossin my fingers that the padres can keep up with their winning. sean, dude you´ve really got me guessing on this trivia this week. i really couldn´t tell ya. the lyrics sound kind of familiar, but i have no idea which band its from. i was thinking about either ¨a day to remember¨ or ¨blackside morning¨ but i have no idea. i´m gonna take a stab in the dark here and say ¨a day to remember¨ but i could be wayyy off. but thanks for the pictures that you sent too. they looked way tight. it was also really cool to hear that you and emily went on your first fishing trip too. paige, hey that girl that i was telling you about, mari belen, was asking me again yesterday about getting your email. i think that she really wants to talk to you and bridget, so you should both give me your emails. i hope that you can finish the year off well in school. it should be this week and then next week is finals. so don´t have too much fun with that hahah. bridg, i´ll bet that you´re excited about the dance recital coming up in july. be sure to keep me posted on that. it´ll be really cool to hear how it goes.
well this week has been a really good one for me and elder chavez. we were hoping to have both agustin and agusto´s baptisms on saturday, but we only ended up baptizing agustin. agusto still needs a couple weeks before he can get baptized. his little brother got sick the other day so we haven´t been able to go visit him for a couple days because they haven´t been at home. but i think that he can get baptized in the next couple weeks. but agustin´s baptism was really awesome. he got baptized with his sister who is 8. i´m gonna attach a picture of it so that you can all see. it was alot of fun. agustin asked me to baptized him and his sister, jaquelin, asked elder chavez to baptize her. so that was way cool. then on sunday, agustin asked me to confirm him too. so i thought that it was super nice of him to ask me to do both. he´s a really funny guy.
we´re also pretty excited about this one woman we met the other day. she seems really excited and really loved the message of the restoration that we shared with her. we invited her to come to church yesterday. she told us that she would love to but she couldn´t because one of her daughters was having a birthday. but she promised us that she would come this sunday. so we´re really hoping that she progresses well. her name is like lilian or something.
i got a little sick this week, but i´m alot better now. i was having a really hard eating anything. but yeah i´m better now so its all good. At least it wasn´t anything that kept me from working.
so lets see, this week we´ve got interviews with the president. actually those are tomorrow. i´m memorizing the scripture doctrine and covenants 121:34 until the end of the chapter. i remember that it was something that we were challenged to learn back at home in the ward, and i never was able to do it. but i think that i´ve got it down in spanish now so we´re good.
well i wanna thank you all again for everything that you do for me. you are all amazing. i hope that you all have awesome weeks. take care...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010-Good To Hear From You

hey fam and friends,
this has been a pretty sweet week for elder chavez and i. we´re really excited cause we were able to take out 2 baptismal fechas with 2 kids this week. we were hoping to take out like 2 or 3 more, but hopefully we can do that this week. but both of the baptismal dates are for this saturday. one of the kids is named agustin. his family are members and he´s a really cool kid. he really likes when we come to teach him and likes going to church. we still have to teach him some stuff, but i think that we can teach it all before saturday. the other kid´s name is agusto. he´s one of the kids that comes and plays soccer every week at the church. we´re hoping to teach more of his family too, but for now, he´s the only one thats gonna be baptized. he still has alot that we need to teach him too. hopefully he´ll be ready for the baptism on saturday.
there really hasn´t been alot else going on lately. today we went to this museum in la plata...yes i came back to la plata, which was pretty cool. we were able to take a bunch of pictures and videos. that was really cool. it wasn´t too bad for a south american museum. so hopefully i can get you guys some of those pictures and stuff soon.
mom thanks a bunch for the email. i really liked the talk that you shared from sunday. dad, you and sean are definately stoked right now. go lakers!!! dang the 2 years that i´m not here we go to the nba finals. all i know is that they better dominate against the celtics and then be just as good next year. you gotta save some goodness for me too hahah. sean, of course that was a quote from the office. hahah seriously thats one of the funniest episodes. i love it!! ¨you know what, maybe you´re in the ceiling!!¨ sooo good. dude, plan on us having a huge ¨office¨ marathon despues de 2 años. paige, shoot you´re practically done with seminary be now. like one more day, hugh? thats tight! bridg, only 3 more weeks of school too. be sure to get some good beach days in for me.
alright i guess that i´m gonna get going. sorry that my email is kinda short this week guys. there hasn´t been a whole lot going on this week. just us working trying to get people ready to be baptized. please pray that we can get these 2 kids ready for baptism by this saturday. thank you all for what you do. i hope that you all have a great week.
con cariño,
elder ryan hall