Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010-Greetings

hey guys,
wow so this week has been a really awesome one. i think that this was the best week that we´ve had for finding new investigators since i´ve been in this area. it was so sick cause on like thursday we found 9 new investigators! i really dont know what we were doing differently or what we were doing well, but obviously something was working right. it was sick cause like everyone we went and visited let us in and wanted to talk to us. we found a really awesome guy named enzo. i was here in platanos on an intercambio with one of the zone leaders. we were just kinda walking getting ready to go back to the pension for lunch. we ended up going down this one street that i dont normally go down and we got to a house that i had never seen before. so i was just kinda like, ¨ehhh what the heck, we might as well clap the house.¨ so enzo came out and we started talking for a little bit. we ended up teaching him for like 20 minutes and sharing the book of mormon with him. we invited him to read and pray about it and he was super excited. he was just like, ¨yeah im gonna read it!¨ it was so awesome to be able to find a guy like that. im pretty stoked too cause we were only able to find him last time, but apparently he lives there with his wife (i think hes married...not sure on that though haha) and his 2 kids. we´re hoping to be able to find them all when we go to their house tomorrow. its was just a really sweet day.
oh yeah so it turns out that elder arguello had to go home yesterday. i guess that he still hasnt finished all of his high school credits that he needs in order to go on a mission. he still needs like 6 credits and hes leaving in a couple months to mexico, so i guess he had to finish the mini mission so that he could go do that. and since elder jackson, the missionary that im gonna train (i think that im still gonna train him when he gets here), is still having problems with his visa, they sent me a missionary named elder pepito. im pretty excited cause i already knew elder pepito. he has 6 weeks less than me in the mission. he just came from the offices after being there for like 6 months. so i think that hes pretty excited to be out of the offices. so yeah i knew him cause whenever we had problems with like the pension or something like that, i would always talk to him. so we already know each other pretty well. hes from st. george so hes the second comp that ive had from there and the third from utah. them utah missionaries ...there are alot of em let me tell you. i swear like every other yankee missionary is from utah hahah. but its all good. we´re both really excited to start working together. neither of us has any idea how long we´re gonna be together, but we´re just gonna take advantage of it and work as hard as we can.
mom, im gonna have to look up that scripture in doctrine and covenants cause i dont know it. it must be a really awesome one though if there are a bunch of stakes and stuff making it their theme for the month. dad, hopefully youre getting in some tennis and stuff...hay que aprovechar del verano alla por que cuando yo vuelva a la casa, vamos a jugar aful jajaja. sean sigue diciendo que me va a ganar pero todos sabemos que yo le voy a ganar. aunque yo esté aca, no quiere decir que no tengo mi ¨A-game¨ todavia jajaj. sean, dude lebron and bosh are going with d wade to miami!?! dang thats gonna be a stacked team! the lakers are gonna have to be ready cause thats gonna be a dang good team. sounds like you´ve been having some fun the last couple weeks too. hope that you´re having an awesome time though with work and stuff. plus paige is up there with you 2 so that should be fun! paige, you're ridiculous! you know that i love ya. just remember that. but i hope that youre still having alot of fun up in utah and arent getting too bored going to work with sean hahah. bridg, i know that you aren't bored right now cause youre with brookie. be sure to get some beach time in for me. just have an awesome time right now during summer and then you can get ready for 8th grade. dang i cant believe that youre already gonna be in 8th grade! shoot! hahah
thank you all for sending pictures and stuff this week. i was planning on sending pictures too but i cant do it on this computer. my bad guys...but ill try to send you all some soon. take care and have a great week.
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6, 2010-Happy Independence Day

que tal everyone?!
thank you all for everything this past week. i want you all to know that your prayers really helped me. i really needed that, so thank you all a bunch.
alright so today was really awesome cause we all went to the zoo in capital. it was the first time that ive ever been so i thought that it was really fun. i made sure to take a bunch of pictures.
ive been trying alot this week to get something going for us here in this area. we´ve been working about in the area book. we´ve been able to find some old investigators that ended up not getting baptized. so we´ve tried to focus a bunch on finding those people again, figuring out why they didnt keep progressing, and help them get baptized. we´ve been able to have a little success this last week with it. we were able to find a married couple (i make sure to mention that they´re married cause its really not common here in argentina haha) who was listening to the missionaries a couple months ago. the dad was a missionary a while back, but his wife isnt a member. apparently she was about to get baptized a couple months ago, but work kind of made it complicated. we´re really hoping that we can help her to keep progressing so that she can get baptized. i think that the most important thing for her is that she keeps reading the scriptures and going to church.
so this is probably going to be my last week with elder arguello. apparently he has to go back home cause he still hasnt finished school. but i called the assistants the other day to ask them if my other comp was gonna be here by then and it doesnt sound like it. so im guessing that after this week, im gonna be with another mini missionary. i guess we´ll just see what happens...
mom, i thought that it was sick how that guy from the ward is from argentina! the drink that you were talking about it called ¨mate.¨ seriously evvverrryyyonnneee drinks mate here. everyone except the missionaries cause its a rule that we cant. but i did buy a mate cup a while ago cause im planning on taking everything back to the US with me. and about the cold...really as far as sweaters and stuff go, im all good. no worries there. you have to be sure to tell him that we´re gonna talk it up ¨argentine style¨ after the mission though. dad, how are the padres doing?! im hoping that they´re still on a roll. have you been able to see and new movies or anything lately? sean, dude it sounds like you and emily have just been going everywhere the last couple weeks. thats sweet that you were able to go to daniel and ashley´s wedding. be sure to tell them congrats for me. dude chillin in san diego sounded was awesome too. paige, i hope that you have an awesome couple weeks up in utah with sean and emily. im glad to hear that you had such a good time with dance and everything. keep it up! oh and ill be sure to tell gub-daddy that hes got a letter AND pictures on the way hahah. bridg, dont have too much fun there with brookie cookie alright.
well thats about it for this week. thank you all for everything. i seriously want you all to know that your prayers and everything that you did really helped me out this week. i love you all! until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall