Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 - hola de buenos aires

hey everyone,
wow so it sounds like its been an awesome week for everyone. thank you all for writing me, i really appreciate that. it sounds like thanksgiving in utah was sweet. but to tell you the truth, i actually forgot about thanksgiving. i didn´t realize that it had passed until the day after haha. i woke up and was like ¨wow i forgot about thanksgiving!¨ but i´m glad that you all had an awesome time with the fam. its weird though because its snowing in utah and summer is coming up here in argentina (i think the official first day of summer here is like the 21st of december)
you all also commented about the new twilight movie. i actually see a bunch of posters and stuff everywhere in la plata, so i´ve known that it was coming out for a while. its a good thing i´ve never been a fan of twilight (even if sean liked it too hahah).
so this week has been kind of crazy for us. its kind of a bummer because lujan wasn´t able to get baptized. we weren´t able to go the pre-interview with her this week, so we have to try and do it this week. i honestly don´t know when she´s going to get baptized, but realistically, i´m guessing that it won´t be for a couple more weeks. that was kind of a bummer for me, but we´re going to work hard this week....which reminds me, i was wondering if you could all fast and pray for my companion, elder araya, this week. i think more than anyone, he needs your prayers. he´s just really unhappy with the area and has been thinking alot about home lately...too much about home i mean. he had to go to an interview with the president this morning because he just hasn´t had the right mindset. right after their interview, the president told me that he wanted to talk to me also. he said that i need to really help araya out. he told me that i have to kind of be the senior companion. i´m going to do everything i can and i´d really appreciate it if you prayed for him specifically this week.
this week really was not a good week for us number´s wise. it didn´t feel right sunday night. i made a promise that i´ll never have a week like that again. i won´t let that happen.
mom, thanks a bunch for your letter. i´m really glad that you all had an awesome time in utah and that you didn´t all freeze to death hahah. dad, its awesome to hear that things are going super well in the sports world. i´m stoked for the chargers and how they´re woopin up now hahah. its sweet that the lakers are doing what they should be also...just dominating. sean, i´m glad you had an awesome time with the fam up in utah too. thanks a bunch for writing me this week. it means alot to me bro. keep working hard and know that i love you too. paige, i feel like i´ve just been messing around with bridget for awhile, so i think i´ll change it up a bit. twilight isn´t even that good! hahah but i really do see posters always says ¨nueva luna¨ (of course because i´m in a latin country...after i wrote that i realized that that was super obvious that it wouldn´t in be english). but just know that it probably wont be the first movie on my list...its gonna be pretty low. bridg, thats awesome that you had so much fun with brooke and all the other cousins. i hope that you were sure to tell them all hi for me.
well i guess that´s about it for this week. thank you all again for your letters and prayers. mom, i almost forgot, the package that you sent is in capital right now. the people from the offices are going to get it on thursday, but i´m guessing that i´ll get it in a couple more weeks. but thanks again for sending that...ok now i´ve really got to go. thank you all again. keep working hard in everything that you´re doing and know that i love you all. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

November 24, 2009 - Happy Thanksgiving

hey everyone,
well i want to wish you all a happy early thanksgiving! hahah i cool to hear that all the fam is in utah. i hope that you all have an awesome time.
so this week has been another good one here in alto san lorenzo. first of all, lujan is doing awesome and is super excited to be baptized this saturday. we´ve been able to find some awesome new investigators this week also. we had 6 investigators in church this week and none of them were lujan, maria, or ester. we found 2 couples that are progressing really well. one couple is from paraguay...its sweet cause they´ve been teaching me some guarani (still don´t know how to spell that haha). but the dad, carlos, is ready to be baptized. he´s given up 3 jobs already because they asked him to work on sunday. they just moved into our area 2 weeks ago. his wife, yacelin, is evangelica. but we gave her the first lesson and they both came to church with their 2 daughters on saturday. i think yacelin feels alot more comfortable with us because other missionaries have supposedly tried to get her to come to church in other areas and she never would. but they just need to get married. the other couple is a guy named jorge and his wife named gisel. we just met them this week and invited them to come to church. they made it sound like they wouldn´t be able to make it, but on sunday they showed up and really liked it. we´re super excited for them too but they have to get married also. the good news with both couples is that they both have plans to get married.
lets see, so today was tranfers. i´m excited though because both elder araya and i are staying here in alto san lorenzo. it will be awesome to have at least another 6 weeks with elder araya. he´s a good kid. the bummer is that all the people who came with me from the mtc that were in la plata with me are leaving la plata. its kind of a bummer, but i know that they were all called to another area for a reason.
we also had the conference with elder bednar on thursday. wow, it was way good. it was more of a question and answer thing, which was cool. a bunch of missionaries (there were like 600 there) asked him questions, and it was just really awesome. you were able to feel the spirit really strong.
mom, thanks for the emails. it sounds like you´re having a good time in utah even though its kinda cold. i can´t say the same about argentina. its getting hot but i love it. dad, don´t have too much for with uncle jeff. be sure to tell them all hi for me. i also want you to be sure to tell kade, if you can, that i love him. tell him that i think about that kid alot and just i hope that he knows how much i care about him. sean, its sweet to hear that both byu and the chargers won this week. i still have no idea what their records are but i´m hopin that their still both in the races for something. are the lakers still tearin it up? love ya bro. paige, i´ll bet you´re pretty excited to be able to see all the cousins. tell them hi for me and that i love them. bridg, i KNOW that you´re excited to hang out with brooke and the other cousins. thats a given.
well i want to thank you all for your love and prayers. i want you to know that matthew will be in my prayers also. i´m just really grateful for all of you. you guys are the best. i love you all. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16-How's It Going Everyone?

hey everyone,
ok so first of all i want to thank the obrigawitch family. thats seriously way nice of them for giving me that check. be sure to tell that how much i appreciate that. it really means alot to me that they thought of me. mom do you think that you could put that in my account back at home? if you can´t do that then you could just send it in the package. speaking of the package, mom do you think that you would be able to send me like my patriarchal blessing, just like a shrunken version? it would be awesome if you were able to do that and then send a laminated copy or something. i´d really appreciate it if you were able to send that to me. if not then thats fine. i also want to tell dylan and travis how proud i am of them. those guys are awesome and they are going to tear it up in the mission. i know that b-pip is already gone but i want to tell him that he definately deserves to be a district leader. to have a companion with a disability is something that would be tough for alot of us. he´s one guy that i know can handle it. i´m seriously proud of all of you.
so this week has probably been one of our best ones this transfer. i´m super excited because we were able to take out a baptismal date with lujan! thank you all for praying for her and everything. we talked to her on like saturday and asked her to be baptized this saturday. she said that she really wanted to be baptized and wants to get baptized this week. but elder araya and i have been talking and i think we might change the baptism to the 28th. lujan still needs to learn a couple things and have a couple more lessons. we just don´t want to have to rush them all. i think that its better if we wait one more week. but we´re going to talk with lujan tomorrow and see what she thinks.
maria and ester and still progressing really well. we weren´t able to go visit them until like friday or saturday morning. we haven´t set a baptismal date with them yet, but i think we could do it this week. it would be great if you all prayed for them...i really can´t believe how much has changed this week. before, we really didn´t have alot of investigators that were progressing really well. but we had a really good day on tuesday and found a bunch of people. since then we´ve been able to find all these people who are seriously awesome. its just been a good week for us and i think its only going to get better.
mom, thanks for sending me those emails this week. be sure to tell dan (i guess thats elder kidd) that i love him and that he´s a capo. it sounded like he had a tough week, but he´s just a hard worker and an awesome guy. it also sounds like you had a good birthday. thanks for eating some cake for me hahah. love ya. dad, i was in a members house this week and i saw some stats on the lakers. it sounds like they´re dominating right now, so thats sweet. what´s going on with the chargers? sean, so it seems like you´re having an awesome time at school. keep working hard bro. have you gotten any new music lately? paige, how´s it going? it sounds like school and seminary have been going well for ya. keep up the good work. bridg, it sounds like you´re having fun with friends and jillian. i can´t remember, are you still doing dance? if you are i hope that you´re really liking it.
well i think i better go. oh and before i forget, i´m pretty excited because on thursday elder bednar is coming to buenos aires! how sweet is that! all three buenos aires missions are going to hear him speak, so we´re all pretty stoked for that. ok now i should get going. i love you all. thanks for everything that you do. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009-How's It Going Everyone...

whats going on everybody,
mom, i want to be sure to tell you happy birthday right now! i know that i´m like 2 days early, but i thought that i should tell you now instead of next week. but i hope that you have an awesome birthday and that you know that i love you!
i also want to say that i will definately pray for patrick johansen. its really crazy that that happened to him. be sure to tell me how he´s doing next week.
so its been a pretty good week here in altos de san lorenzo. lujan was able to come to church with her little kid, carlitos, yesterday, so elder araya and i were super excited. we are hoping to ask her to be baptized this week. i don´t remember if i told you the story of when we met here. its pretty funny so i´ll tell you about elder araya and i were coming back from some cita that we had like 3 weeks ago. we were a couple blocks away from our pension. i was about to walk right past lujan, who was taking carlitos for a walk, but i felt like i should stop and talk to her. i started talking to her and when i saw carlitos i thought that he was a girl hahah (because he has super long hair for a 2 year old). but i started asking lujan how old her ¨little girl¨ was, and she was like ¨he´s a boy.¨ i just kind of stood there and didn´t know what to say for a second. then i was just like ¨si claro, entonces...¨ and i kept up with the conversation. so i guess this story goes to show that you can even say stupid things at times, but the spirit will always be there to help hahah. but yeah, we´re hoping to baptize her before the end of this transfer. maria and ester were also able to come to church yesterday, which was awesome to see. they all really liked it. we´re going to try to set a baptismal date with them too. it would be awesome if you could pray for all three of them.
so mom, i want to tell you happy birthday again. i hope that you have some cake or something in my honor. thanks for writing me and telling me about some of the things going on. i really do always look forward to hearing from you. dad, hows everything going?! bridget tells me that you are all going up to utah for thanksgiving. i´ll bet that will be pretty awesome for you to be able to spend some time with sean and everything. speaking of sean, che thanks for sending me those pics. it was awesome to be able to see ya.That's awesome that you´re having a good time and that halloween was alot of fun. i love ya bro. paige, it sounds like you´re having alot of fun now. keeping enjoying school and friends. oh yeah, and elder araya keeps asking for your email hahah...i don´t know if he really plans on writing you but he keeps telling me to ask you for it hahah. bridg, thanks for writing also. i´ll bet you´re pretty excited to be going to utah. be sure to tell all the fam that i say hi. also, you asked me if they celebrate thanksgiving here. thats a big negative for you. argentina is pretty crazy. they actually just had mother´s day like 2 weeks ago. its like the only country that celebrates mother´s day this time of year. so basically, argentina is crazy haha.
well i think that´s about it for this week. i love you all. thank you all for writing me and for your prayers. i hope that you all have awesome weeks. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009- Hola Everyone

hey everybody,
thanks for writing this week. it was sweet to hear from you all and to hear how everything is going back home. i hope that you all had an awesome halloween. i actually saw like 2 trick-or-treaters! i was super surprised. i want to tell b-pip that i´m super stoked to hear about his mission call! i actually didn´t know that he was going to puerto rico so it was awesome to hear. he´s going to be an awesome missionary.
well its been a pretty good week. we were hoping to set some baptisms with people this week, but it didn´t end up happening. we´re working hard to find more people to teach here. we did find this one lady, named lujan, that i did a contact with a week ago. she seems like she could progress pretty well. she lives with her little kid who´s like 2 years old. i´m really hoping that she will come to church this week.
so i´m pretty excited because i just finished the book of mormon in spanish this morning. when i started to read it in spanish 3 months ago it was kinda tough for me. now i can´t believe how much has already changed. sometimes there are words that i still don´t understand, but for the most part i really understand everything. but yeah, i seriously learned so much more than i knew before. i´m really excited to start reading other things. i think i´ll start reading in d&c and then once i finish that, i´ll probably start reading the new testament. we´ll see how all that goes.
mom, thanks for telling me about that talk. it sounded like a really good one. i´ll be sure to remember those points that you talked about because its really true...we are all going to run into tough times. dad, i love ya. keep working hard and don´t get too girly on me with only the girls in the house hahah. sean, che i hope that you´re lovin it up at school. i still don´t know whats going on in the sports or music world. all i can tell you is that here in argentina when boca plays river...good luck trying to get in a house hahah. paige, how are you already getting ready to drive?! hahah are you kidding me?!? but thanks alot for writing me and telling me how everything is going. bridg, i hope that you´re having an awesome time too. keep doing what you´re doing.
well i guess i better get going. i love you all. thank you all for everything. keep working hard and know that the Lord is always with you. until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall