Monday, April 11, 2011

March 28, 2011

hows it going guys? hope that everythings gone great in the week. ill bet that youre all living it up since you have spring break.
as for elder gutierrez and i, things are going well here in el triangulo. we havent had alot of new things happening this week. we´ve been working really hard with the investigators that we already have. but this week we werent able to see all of them. alot of them have been really busy with work and some other stuff. my comp and i are really trying as hard as we can so that alot of these investigators get baptized in april. we did go over to see silvia this week, but we´re not really sure what to think right now. the other day we went to her house to teach a lesson and luis was there again. it was kinda weird cause we dont know if he just came over that day to pick some stuff up, or what. silvia really didnt seem to pay much attention to him, so im really not sure what to think. i did kinda wanna be like, ¨uhhh hey whats up?!?¨ but i didnt want to do it in front of luis though. so we really need to talk to silvia this week and see if she let luis come back, or if he was just there that day. like obviously, we´re here to bring the family together and not tear it apart, but at the same time she told us that she doesnt love him like a husband and really doesnt want to be with him. and she really wants to get baptized. shes just not willing to marry a guy she doesnt love hahah which is a really good thing haha. but its still tough for us. we´ll see what happens this for ezequiel, hes doing alright. like whenever we talk to just him, he talks alot to us and participates alot in the lessons. but i think mercedez makes him really nervous though (if you knew her youd understand haha). whenever shes there i think he feels really pressured to talk and it makes him even quieter. but from everything that hes told us, he still wants to get baptized. he needs to go to atleast one of the conference sessions this week though. we´re gonna do everything that we possibly can so that he goes...the good news is that this week, weve got some lessons with people that members introduced us to through references. i think that we might be able to take out some baptismal fechas with some of them. we´re gonna try to do it with all of them though hahah. as long as the Spirit´s there and tells us to do it...
mom, i really am stoked for general conference this week. its gonna be the second time that i see it here in adroguĆ©. haha i think its funny that 6 months ago, i was already in this area haha. but yeah all the yankees are gonna go upstairs and watch it in english. and there are couches up there so we´re gonna watch the conference in luxury hahah. and about that panel...sorry but im not gonna be home yet. id be totally down for it, but i wont make it in time. hahah i think its funny that your counselor asked if i would be horrified to do it. whatever! dad, cougars? are we still playin? im actually curious to know if we even made it to the second round. sean, are the lakers still dominating? hows the mamba doin? oh and by the way, still no sign of them blue birds. me parece que no viven aca en argentina hahah. tal vez en nicaragua, pero argentina es otra cosa haha. oh and hey, if you see dylan again, be sure to tell him that i say hi, that i love him, and that i wish him luck on the mission. paige, have an awesome week off. have a good time tomorrow at disneyland. we´re gonna be hopin for sunny weather. but either way, itll be sick! bridg, hahah how did you get luckier than paige and get to have 2 weeks off for spring break?! what are you gonna do with all that time off? play some xbox and stuff for sure hahah.
alright well thats it for this week. i already know that this week is gonna fly by though cause we´ve got a meeting on wednesday, another meeting on thursday, and then saturday and sunday we have general conference. we need to either take a recent convert from the last 3 months or an investigator to go to the sessions on saturday. so you already know that were gonna do everything we can so that someone goes with us hahah. i wanna go! but have a great week. thank you all for your prayers and all the support that you give me. i love you guys.
con cariƱo,
elder ryan hall

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