Monday, April 11, 2011

April 5, 2011-To All My Peeps Back Home

whats up muh peeps?!?
well its been another one of those roller coaster weeks. we´ve had good things happen, and not so good things. but all in all, elder gutierrez and i are here and happy. we are kinda wondering whats gonna happen to us though. this is the last week of the transfer- i cant believe that this transfer is already almost over! every transfer goes by faster and faster. if i had to guess, id say that my comp is gonna go somewhere else. pretty much neither of us is thinking that we´re gonna stay together again. hahah after 6 months together, we´re both betting that one of us is gonna be somewhere else next transfer. both of us would be totally down to stay together again, but ive never heard of that happening. who knows? but we´re both expecting that one of us is gone. i think that we´re both thinking that its gonna be him too. but next week ill give you all the down low on that...
so about last week. the bummer was that 2 of the people we were hoping to baptize this month probably arent gonna get baptized soon. i already told you what happened with silvia the other week. well when we went over to her house this week, we knew that we just needed to ask her. my comp wasnt gonna step up to ask her if luis had gone back to live there (i dont know why its such an uncomfortable thing to ask haha), so he left it up to me to do it. haha so i asked her and sadly enough, she said that he had. she said that she was gonna give him another chance. and i mean thats great cause no one wants a woman to be alone with a bunch of kids. but its just a bummer cause shes not willing to marry him. she doesnt love him enough to marry him, just enough so that they live together. dont ask me why that makes sense...cause it doesnt hahah. but theres really nothing that we can do for now. hopefully she decides sometime in the future that they need to get married. and im sure that sooner or later thatll happen. only God knows...and it looks like ezequiel doesnt want to get baptized right now either. the bummer with him is just that he doesnt want to right now. its really not a good reason. but its better that he doesnt get baptized if he isnt willing to keep all the commandments. so for now, we´re gonna give him a little space unless he decides on his own that he wants to start listening to us again.
ok enough of that stuff. we´ve had some really great stuff happen this week also. after going like 2 weeks without being able to find rosa, we were starting to think that she didnt want to listen to us anymore. but the other day, we finally found her in her house and got to talk to her. shes just be insanely busy with work and stuff. she still wants to listen with her kids. so we´re super stoked about that...and this week we also got a really great reference from one of the members. this member asked if the family that lives next door to him wanted to listen to the missionaries and the said that they would. the husband´s name is ariel. he´s actually silvia´s nephew. but he seems like an awesome guy. he told us that when he was living in corrientes, his family had listened to the missionaries, but they never gave them the book of mormon. so when we gave it to him and started explaining it, he got super excited. we also explained the entire message of the restauration and he told us that he believes that its the truth. he seems like a capo! we´ve gotta find out if hes married (ill try to keep the faith). and it might be tough with his work to go to church, but theres nothing that God cant do (i think its luke should look it up, its a faith-builder). so i believe that He´ll help us with that. but it just goes to show that the best way to do the missionary work isnt though contacts by the missionaries. the most important people in the missionary work are the members of the church...i invite you all the try to be bold and invite someone to either listen to the missionaries, or go to church with you, or an activity. the blessings are more important than a rejection, trust me. dont be afraid of someone telling you no.
mom, you know that i thought the general conference was bomb haha. my comp and i werent able to bring anyone to the saturday sessions, so we didnt go. but the sunday session was awesome! i really liked the talk by elder holland. hes such a powerful speaker! i also really liked the talk by president monson in the first session on sunday. it was so cool how he talked about temples and their importance. i thought it was so cool how he talked about the temple being built in rome. we all know that thats impressive and really significant. but i think that those 2 were my favorites. dad, bummer that the cougars had to lose in the sweet 16. but hey, when was the last time we got that far?!? and to lose a tight game like that...aveces pasa eso haha. oh and be sure to say hi to uncle jeff for me in vegas! haha sean, thanks bro for the email. it means alot to me that you keep writing me. i know that i didnt last all 2 years writing you hahah. but thanks for always takin a little time out to write me. hahah and i wouldnt get tooo excited about them padres just yet. its a long season. we´ll see where we are in a couple months haha. paige, i heard about what happened. just know that ive been praying for you. i hope that youre doing alot better now. thats pretty crazy, but i know that youll be alright. it looks like you were all able to enjoy the trip to disneyland haha. good stuff. bridg, tell brookie cookie hi for me too haha. have fun with her there. then in another week, just get ready for some more school fun hahah.
we´ve actually got a lesson that we´ve gotta be at in 30 minutes. its a pretty long walk from here since we live outside of our area. but that means that i should probably get going hahah. but i love you all. have a great week and we´ll be talking again next monday. until next time...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

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