Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011-Congrats Sean

hey hey hey!
first of all, sean congrats on graduating this week! i saw the pics and it looks like it went really well. but dude thats awesome that everything went well.
im excited to hear that it sounds like everyone has had a good week back home. here we´ve also had a good week. we weren´t able to baptize nilda and her granddaughters though. atleast now i can tell you their names though hahah. they´re andrea, ayelen, and karen. but we talked to them on like tuesday morning and were trying to get them excited about getting baptized. but nilda told us that she still feels like they need to wait a little more. when we started trying to figure out what it was exactly that was preventing them from getting baptized now, she told us that it didnt have anything to do with the teachings of the church or anything. she believes that what we teach is true. but from what she told us, she still wants to know more people from the branch. like i think that my comp and i are gonna try to have more lessons with member now with her. i think that if we want her to get baptized in the next couple weeks, she needs to be able to feel love from the members and that when she goes to church, the members are gonna be there to make her feel good. thats always been a weakness that ive seen here in argentina hahah. its sad but true. alot the members arent always as strong here. there are alot of great members, but we need more that can help out when the missionaries arent there, ya know? but we´ve got a couple ideas for who we can take with us to visit them. elder baggaley and i are working hard so that they can get baptized this transfer. id appreciate your prayers for them.
besides nilda and her grand kids, we´ve found some awesome people this week that we think that also get baptized in the near future. we found a family that was listening to the missionaries a couple months ago, that really liked the church. the problem was that during summer, the basically had no time to talk to us. but now summer´s over and they seem really excited to start going to church. we talked about baptism with them the other day and they said that they want to get baptized. the only reason we didnt take out a baptismal date with them that day was cause we wanted to remind them that they have to get married. i think that someone can get married here within a couple weeks. so we have to get them pumped for that. their names are leo and fabiana. if you could pray that they agree to get married, it would be much appreciated hahah...we also found a lady, named monica, whos the wife of an inactive member. well shes actually not the ¨wife¨ yet, but theyre working on that hahah. the inactive member´s wife passed away a couple years ago. sinc then, he met monica and now theyre working on getting married. but she went to church yesterday with the whole family. it was awesome! we´re gonna work so that they can get married sometime soon also. we´re shooting for a couple weeks from now.
so besides that, my comp and i are just working ¨aful¨ to find more people and help them progress. we´re seeing alot of improvements too. and on top of that, we´re trying to have fun while we do it hahah. i sent you guys 2 pics- one was of the sunrise last week. when we went running to the beach one day in the morning. the other was when we were in a place called pinamar. we were right there on the beach, so we snapped a couple pics.
mom, about the apartment thing, i havent been able to talk to elder rader for a while now. but id say that if those better known places arent gonna work, we should start looking at something else. but i dont know. like glenwood or raintree would be sick i think. maybe we can try to convince them. honestly im not exactly sure hahah sorry. i cant do alot right now though. theres just no time to do anything. dad, i hope that the lakers were able to shake off the rust and beat the hornets. im sooo far away from all the other missionaries here that i seriously dont hear anything haha. sean, felicitaciones otra vez por graduarte. eso es buenisimo che. espero que sigas estudiando para que podamos graduarnos juntos en algunos años mas. paige, looks like you enjoyed the spring break fo sho. now its back to lovely school. yeahhh! bridg, you said hi to all the cousins and stuff for me, right? hahah
hey my comp just reminded me that on the 8th, we´re gonna call you guys for mother´s day. so im gonna call you guys around 6 my time, which is like 1 or 2 your guys time. just to give you all a heads up.
k so i better get goin. thank you guys for all your emails, your prayers, and everything else. have a great week! until next week...
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

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