Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

heyyy guys,
alright so im gonna apologize right now cause i know that im writing this really late. but let me explain...we had transfers this week and i got changed. president called elder gutierrez and i saturday morning and let us know. he told me that i was going to mar de ajó in la costa (the coast). im seriously still really surprised. like most people that go here are here for awhile. but i really never expected it to happen. i figured that id finish up in el triangulo. but president told me that they needed me in la costa. so to explain why im writing this so late, we just got off a 6 hour bus ride. we went from the mission house and just road all the way out to nowheres vill hahah. like seriously, all i saw for 6 hours was field and cows hahah. but we just got to the area. i guess that we live like 10ish blocks from the ocean. still havent seen it so i dont know exactly what its like. but its kinda crazy cause alot of the streets are all sand haha...but this area is insane as far as ive heard. la costa has always been labeled as a ¨hard zone¨ as far as finding people to baptize. but im seriously just like, ¨who cares, we´re just gonna work and find and convert these guys.¨ i think my new comp, elder baggley, is relieved for some fresh blood in this area, cause its been tough from what they tell me. so im ready to get things going. starting tomorrow haha cause as soon as i send this, we have to go back to the pension. its almost 9 haha...but yeah from what my comp has told me, this is a district (which i think is the same as a branch...or something close). its gonna be the first time i havent been in a ward. but im excited. like saturday afternoon, guti and i were just thinking about all this. i think both of us were a little bummed about it. but while i was walking, the scripture in isaiah 55 came to my head. i cant remember which one it is, but it says, ¨my thoughts are not your thoughts; neither your ways my ways.¨ when i thought about that scripture, it really helped me. i realized that it doesnt matter that i think its weird that i got sent to this area. it doesnt matter that its not something that normally happens. cause my thoughts aren´t the Lords thoughts. the Lord knows what needs to happen and where every one of his servants need to go to have the most success and bring others unto Him. i think that was a little humbling lesson that i learned. now im ready to get going and get this area was really funny though when i talked to president today about it all. he told me, ¨ill bet that youre wondering why youre going to la costa...i just wanted you to get a little view of the beach haha.¨ haha and i was like, ¨president im from california!¨ hahah
ok so im sorry that i dont have time to talk about the week or anything. i dont have time to read really any of the emails right now either. i just kinda skimmed through it all. but mom, i really just kinda flipped through your email. sorry about that. but i did read the part about the kid that went into the mtc with me hahah. trust me mom, im not gonna be home in 22 days. you already know that i left on may 20th. but ill tell you right now, more than anything so that sean and emily can plan to come down, that i should be home on may 24th. the 23rd is my last day and i should fly home that night, and be home the next day. but stop asking about it! hahah to be honest thats about all i know. if you really have to know something else, ill let you know in the next couple weeks. but if not, ill let you know about flight plans and stuff a week or 2 before i get home hahah. dad, lakers, whats up? we cant be losing like that. sean, its only cause you have to know that im telling you the day when i ¨should get home¨ haha. ive got this transfer and then now we all know what happens after that. but no, i still havent seen any of them bluebirds. do you think the coast is gonna change that? id like to think not, but if youve caught glimpses of bluebirds on campus, anything is possible hahaha. paige, haha i thought that it was way funny how you did the ¨fish thing.¨ but maybe the real ¨catch¨ would be an elder gubler...whos getting ready to come visit in the summer hahah. bridg, sorry i couldnt read your email either. but ill try to read it super quick. but i hope that youre doing great. sorry, ill think of something to tease you about next week hahah.
alright guys, we need to get going. its already past 9. i gotta unpack a little bit and then its off to bed. the bus rides always take alot out of you. its weird. but tomorrow its off to work...have a great week. ill write more next monday. love you all
con cariño,
elder ryan hall

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